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  1. regulatory proteins
    sense changes and alter gene expression
  2. two forms of regulatory proteins
    • activators
    • repressors
  3. two-component signal transduction system
    • 1. sensor kinase in cell membrane binds environmental signal which causes autophosphorylation
    • 2. response regulator takes phosphate to turn target genes on or off
  4. microbes control gene expression at what levels?
    • alterations of DNA sequences
    • control of transcription
    • control of mRNA stability
    • Translational control
    • posttranslational control of protein function or stability
  5. lacI
    represses lac operon by preventing transcription
  6. increase in glucose = ____ cAMP and ____ lacZ
  7. decrease in glucose = ____ cAMP and ____ lacZ
  8. aporepressor + corepressor = holorepressor
    • transcription factor alone
    • end product
    • block RNA pol
  9. quorum sensing
    allows bacteria to determine their density
  10. autoinducer
    • increase in density increases autoinducers
    • binds to regulatory proteins to activate luciferase
  11. quorum sensing can be used for
    • control virulence genes
    • communication with other species
  12. DNA microarrays
    • tiny dots of DNA for each gene
    • quantify amount of RNA for each gene
  13. RNA-seq
    determines sequence of every RNA molecule in a sample from cells
  14. two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
    view and capture fluctuations in protein levels
  15. Mass spec
    • The mass of each peptide and its amino acids can identify which gene encoded it
    • Tells you which genes are expressed under different environmental and growth conditions
    • info on functions of genes and proteins
  16. A. fischeri family of autoinducer and what is the function?
    homoserine lactone/bioluminescence
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