HESI Radiography Practice Test 1st Edition

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  1. What is the Minimum recommended filtration for general diagnostic x-ray units
    2.5mm Al
  2. Which is the required amount of inherent filtration for general purpose x-ray tubes
    0.5 mm Al Equivalent
  3. Which Minimum Thickness of lead shielding is required to cover the bucky slot during Fluoroscopic exams
    2.5 mm
  4. which value represents the annual maximum dose limit ( In mSv ) for exposure to the extremities in medical imaging personnel
    5 mSv
  5. Which is the maximum allowable exposure to the embryo or fetus each month
    0.5 mSv
  6. How many millimeters of lead equivalency is recommended for lead aprons worn by pregnant radiographers
  7. Over the entire gestational period what is the fetal exposure limit
    0.5 mSv
  8. Which Technique Would produce a 2 Milliroentgens (mR) Exposure to an image receptor plate if 70 kilovolts peak (kVp) at 25 MAs produces 1.6?

    A- 70 kVp at 35 mAs
    B- 70 kVp at 2705 mAs
    C- 70 kVp at 31.25 mAs
    C- 70 kVp At 50 mAs
  9. Opening the collaborators wider than necessary using digital radiography has what effect on image quality
    Spatial resolution of the image is decreaced
  10. What is the result if pixel bit depth decreased?
    Contrast Resolution is decreased
  11. What is the procedure is an example of surgical asepsis
    Surgical Hand Srub
  12. What is the wide spread of MRSA attributed to
    Over prescription of antibiotics and poor infection control practices
  13. On an accuratley positioned PA chest xray the Manubrium of the sternum is seen at the level of which thoracic vertabrae when the patient is sthenic
  14. Which projection of the thumb requires 2 through 5 to be extended with palmer surface of the hand flat against the image receptor as if for a PA hand projection
    Posteroanterior (PA) Oblique
  15. According to the atlas which location is the correct central ray (CR) placement for an axiolateral oblique mandible projection for the ramus
    The region of interest
  16. How is the central ray directed when preforming a PA knee projection for a patient with thin thighs and buttocks
    3-5 caudad
  17. A breathing technique is planned for a RAO Sternum. The intended exposure is 50 mAs @ 75 kVp at 100 centimeters SID. Which mA station is preferred assuming the radiographer ensures exposure occurs during the act of insperation
  18. In order to increase the number of shades of gray displayed on a digital image what should be done
    Increase window level
  19. Which factor will cause a decrese in film screen image resolution
    High speed image receptors
  20. What would a continuous fine horizontal white line across the computed radiography image indicate
    Dirt on the light guide or the lazer head
  21. what results in a lower grid ratio ( Contrast and )
    Lower Contrast but greater error margin in central ray Placement
  22. A patient receives an entrance skin dose of 5mGy during a lumbar spine procedure How much exposure will the tech receive when standing 1 Meter from The patient
  23. A lateral lumbar was taken with a field size of 11x14 at 95 kVp and AEC with the center detector selected. The resultiong image indicates excessive quantum noise which is the most likely cause
    The patient was not centered correctly
  24. what are the 6 rights of drug administration
    • Right patient
    • Right drug
    • Right amount
    • Right route
    • Right documentation
    • Right Time
  25. wher should the CR enter the patient during a lateral sacrum Projection
    3-4 inches posterior to the anterior superior iliac spine ASIS
  26. At which location is the CR directed for an AP Projection of the T-Spine
    Midway between the sternal notch and th xiphoid process
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