Cellular Communication

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  1. What are three important functions of the plasma membrane?
    • 1- Essential for a cell
    • 2- Isolates cell from surroundings
    • 3- Cells cant survive if it cant sense extracellular environment changes in order to respond to them.
  2. __________ process of cells detecting and responding to signals in the extracellular environment
    cell communication
  3. What are the three stages of cell signaling?
    • 1- Receptor activation (signaling molecule binds to receptor)
    • 2- Signal transduction (activated receptor stimulates sequence of changes- signal transduction pathway)
    • 3- Cellular response (several different responses: alter activity of 1 or more enzymes, after protein function, change gene expression).
  4. What occurs during receptor activation?
    The signaling molecule binds to the receptor
  5. What occurs during signal transduction?
    During signal transduction, the activated receptor stimulates sequence of changes-the signal transduction pathway.
  6. What occurs during cellular response? What are some of the different responses?
    • The cell responds to the signal transduction pathway. The three kinds of response are:
    • 1- altering activity of one or more enzymes
    • 2- Alter protein function
    • 3- Change gene expression
  7. What are the four different types of signals relayed between cells?
    • 1- Direct intercellular signals
    • 2- Contact-dependent signaling
    • 3- Autocrine signaling
    • 4- Paracrine signaling
    • 5- Endocrine signaling
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