Useful Spanish Vocab. Pt.1

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  1. proporcionar
    to provide
  2. asemejar
    to resemble
  3. oponer
    to oppose
  4. exigir
    to require
  5. acabar de
    to end
  6. estar para
    to be for
  7. rescatar
    to rescue
  8. aumentar
    to increase
  9. agregar
    to add
  10. influir
    to influence
  11. tardar en
  12. bastar
    to be enough
  13. estar contento
    to be happy
  14. alegrarse de
    to be glad
  15. quejarse de
    to complain
  16. hacer caso de
    to heed
  17. soñar con
    to dream
  18. regañar
    to quarrel
  19. reñir
    to quarrel
  20. huir
    to escape
  21. destruir
    to destroy
  22. esforzarse
    to make a effort
  23. enfrentarse con
    to confront
  24. desplegar
    to unfold
  25. oler
    to smell
  26. torcer
    to twist
  27. divisar
    to spy
  28. erguir
    to rise
  29. discernir
    to discern
  30. sobrar
    to be on top of
  31. surtir
    to supply
  32. suspender
    to hang
  33. tragar
    to swallow
  34. tapar
    to top
  35. velar
    to look after
  36. jubilar
    to retire
  37. ligar
    to bind
  38. darse cuenta de
    to realize
  39. soportar
    to support
  40. suceder
    to happen
  41. virar
    to turn
  42. pulir
    to polish
  43. distinguir
    to distinguish
  44. vislumbrar
    to discern
  45. atardecer
    to get dark
  46. multar
    to fine
  47. relacionar
    to relate
  48. incorporarse
    to sit up
  49. fundir
    to melt
  50. hundir
    to sink

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