Useful Spanish Vocab.-Pt.2

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  1. hurtar
    to steal
  2. grabar
    to engrave
  3. establecer
    to establish
  4. caerle bien/mal
    to go well/badly
  5. satisfacer
  6. satisfacer
    to satisfy
  7. proveer
    to supply
  8. roer
    to gnaw
  9. antojarse
    to feel like
  10. acoger
    to welcome
  11. acudir
    to go
  12. agradecer
    to be grateful
  13. asomarse a
    to stick one's head out of a window, to come/go out onto
  14. acontecer
    to take place, to happen
  15. advertir
    to notice
  16. acertar
    to guess
  17. atraverse a
    to dare
  18. anochecer
    dusk, nightfall
  19. arrepentirse
    to repent
  20. agarrar
    to grab
  21. adelantar
    to overtake, to move ahead
  22. aconsejar
    to advise
  23. acercarse
    to approach
  24. alcanzar
    to reach
  25. alejarse de
    to go, to move away
  26. apoyar
    to lean, to rest
  27. amparar
    to protect
  28. acuchillar
    to stab
  29. apreciar
    to appreciate
  30. arrancar
    to uproot
  31. arrojar
    to throw
  32. arruinar
    to ruin
  33. atar
    to tie
  34. yacer
    to lie
  35. manifestar
    to show
  36. fijarse en
    to notice, to pay attention
  37. invertir
    to reverse
  38. juntar
    to put together
  39. reunir
    to reunite
  40. soltar
    to let go of
  41. oprimir
    to press, to squeeze
  42. la ventaja
  43. la desventaja
  44. el beneficio
  45. circular
  46. concluir
    to conclude
  47. contener
    to contain
  48. consistir en
    to consist of
  49. compartir
    to share
  50. chillar
    to scream
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