Scene 2 - Cafeteria and School Steps

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  1. Marty: Hey, Rizzo, over here!
    Rizzo: (Rizzo enters carrying a tray) Hey, hey, hey! Hey, where's all the guys?
  2. Jan: Those slobs. You think they'd spend a dime on their lunch? They're baggin' it.
    Rizzo: Pretty cheap.
  3. Jan: Yeah, her name's Sandy. She seems pretty cool. Maybe we could let her in the Pink Ladies.
    Rizzo: Just what we need. Another broad around.
  4. Marty: Yeah, I just got 'em for school. Do they make me look smarter?
    Rizzo: Nah. We can still see your face.
  5. Jan: I'll take it! (Jan reaches over and grabs the pudding)
    Rizzo: How long you been livin' around here?
  6. Marty: Don't mind her, Sandy. Some of us like to show off and use scurvy words.
    Rizzo: Some of us? Check out Miss Toiletmouth over here.
  7. Patty: Hi, kids!
    Rizzo: Hey, look who's comin'. Patty Simcox, the Little Lulu of Rydell high.
  8. Marty: Yeah. Wonder what she's doin' back here with us slobs?
    Rizzo: Maybe she's havin' her period and wants to be alone.
  9. Patty: Well, don't say hello.
    Rizzo: We won't.
  10. Patty: Oh, I just love the first day of school, don't you?
    Rizzo: It's the biggest thrill of my life.
  11. Patty: You'll never guess what happened this morning.
    Rizzo: Prob'ly not.
  12. Patty: Me! Isn't that wild?
    Rizzo: Wild.
  13. Patty: I just hope I don't make too poor a showing.
    Rizzo: Well, we sure wish ya' all the luck in the world.
  14. Patty: Goodness gracious!
    Rizzo: Nice language. What was that all about?
  15. Jan: What for? We got a brand new pool right in the neighborhood. It's real nice.
    Rizzo: Yeah, if ya' like swimmin' in Clorox.
  16. Sandy: This was sort of a special boy.
    Rizzo: Are you kiddin'? There ain't no such thing.
  17. Doody: She really sounds cool, Danny.
    Rizzo: A guy doesn't touch ya' and it's true love. Maybe he was a pansy.
  18. Danny: I didn't say that, Sonny!
    Rizzo: Hey, was he the guy?
  19. Patty: Listen, Sandy, forget Danny Zuko. I know some really sharp boys.
    Rizzo: So do I. Right, you guys? C'mon, let's go.
  20. Frenchy: See ya' 'round, Patty!
    Rizzo: Yeah, maybe we'll drop in on the next Student Council meeting.
  21. Marty: Not you, greaseball! Danny!
    Rizzo: Yeah. We got a surprise for ya'.
  22. Jan: Yeah those guys are all a bunch of creeps. (Danny returns for his lunch)
    Rizzo: Yeah, Zuko's the biggest creep of all.
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