ASLS Minerals 6th Grade

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  1. What is a mineral?
    A mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical composition.
  2. What is inorganic?
    Inorganic means that a mineral cannot form from materials that where once part of a living thing.
  3. What is a crystal?
    The repeating pattern of a minerals particles form a solid called a crystal. A crystal has flat sides, called faces, that meet at sharp edges and corners
  4. How is the color of a mineral observed?
    The color of a mineral is an easily observed  physical property.
  5. What is the streak of a mineral?
    The streak of a mineral is the color of its powder.
  6. What is luster?
    Luster is the term used to describe how light is reflected from a mineral's surface.
  7. How can you get the density of a mineral?
    You get the density by dividing the mineral's mass and its volume.
  8. Fill in the blank:
    Mohs hardness scale ranks ____ minerals from softest to hardest.
  9. Choose the correct answer:
    Cleavage is
    a.A game about burping
    b.A mineral that speaks easily
    c.A mineral that splits easily along a flat surface. 
    d.A type of crystal
    The answer is C
  10. Fill in the blank:
    ______ describes how a mineral looks when it breaks apart in a irregular way.
  11. Choose the correct answer:
    What is a rounded, hollow rock that is often lined with mineral crystals?
    a.A sheep
    b.A chicken
    c.A geode
    d.A creeper
    The answer is C
  12. Fill in the blank:
    Crystallization is the process by which ____ are arranged to form a mineral with a crystal structure.
  13. Choose the correct answer:
    How do minerals form hot magma?
    a.They fly away and cool down
    b.They pretend that they are ice cubes and break
    c. They eat lots
    d.They can form when hot magma cools inside the crust, or as lava hardens on the surface. When these liquids cool to a solid, they form crystals.
    The answer is D.
  14. Fill in the blank:
    A________ is a mixture in which one substance is dissolved into another.
  15. Choose the correct answer:
    A vein is 
    a.a blood vessel 
    b.A narrow channel or slab of a mineral that is different from the surrounding rock.
    c.A piece of rock that cools beneath the surface.
    d.A big, big, big rock
    The answer is B.
  16. A ________ is a hard, colorful mineral that has a brilliant or glassy luster.
  17. What is prospecting?
    Prospector is when a person called a prospector searches or prospects for an ore deposit.
  18. What is the process of smelting an ore?
    • 1. The ore is crushed and mixed with with crushed limestone and coke, which is rich in carbon.
    • 2.The mixture is placed in a blast furnace, where extremely hot air is blown through, making coke burn easily.
    • 3.The dense, molten, iron sinks to the bottom of the furnace.
    • 4.The slag and molten iron are poured off through taps.
  19. What are the 3 types of mines?
    Strip mines, open pit mines, and shaft mines.
  20. What strip mining?
    In strip mining earth moving equipment scrapes away soil to expose ore.
  21. Choose the correct answer:
    What is open pit mining?
    a. Miners using gigantic earth moving equipment to dig a tremendous pit to remove ore deposits
    b. Opening an old pit.
    c. Eating
    d. Doing nothing
    The answer is A.
  22. Fill in the blank:
    _____ mines often have a network of tunnels that extend deep into the ground, following the veins of the ore.
  23. Fill in the blank:
    A _____ is a solid mixture of two or more elements.
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