CH 20: Circulatory system (blood vessels)

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  1. ___a____ are efferent vessels, while ___b___ are afferent blood vessels. What does this mean?
    • a- arteries are efferent (carry blood from heart)
    • b- veins are afferent (carry blood to heart)
  2. What are the three layers of an artery?
    • 1- tunica interna- innermost layer
    • 2- tunica media- middle layer
    • 3- tunica externa (adventitia)- outer most layer
  3. What role does angiotension II play into blood pressure?
    Angiotension II is a vasoconstrictor that raises the blood pressure. 

    * Angiotension II is made by angiotension converting enzyme (ACE). High BP is often treated with ACE inhibitors
  4. What role does aldosterone play into blood pressure?
    Aldosterone is involved in water retention. Promoting water retention increases blood pressure
  5. What role does antidiuretic hormone play in blood pressure?
    Water retention and vasoconstriction, which both lead to increase in BP
  6. What role do epinephrine and norepinephrine play in blood pressure?
  7. what is hydrostatic pressure?
    The physical force exerted by a liquid against a surface
  8. What part of the kidney is devoted to filtration?
  9. Through what system are most thoracic organs draining?
    Azygos vein/ azygos system
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