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  1. primary prevention
    • prevent disease before it happens
    • vaccination, being healthy
  2. secondary prevention
    • catch disease while still asymptomatic
    • screening
  3. tertiary prevention
    • treatment to reduce complications of disease
    • chemotherapy, managing diabetes well etc
  4. quaternary prevention
    identifying patients at risk of unnecessary treatment and protecting them from the harm of unnecessary interventions
  5. medicare (what is it?)
    • pure federal
    • for the over 65, end stage renal disease, certain disabilities
    • medicarE for Elderly, Esrd, Effed up
    • 4 parts
  6. 4 parts of medica... fill in the rest
    • medicare!
    • A - hospital insurance
    • B - out patient
    • C - A and B delivered by approved private companies
    • D - drugs
  7. medicaid
    • joint federal and state
    • very low income (133% of FPL)
    • financial AID = medicAID
  8. 3 causes of death under 1 year
    • congenital malformations
    • preterm birth
    • SIDS
  9. 3 causes of death 1-14 yo
    • unintentional injury
    • cancer
    • congenital malformations
  10. 3 causes of death 15-34 yo
    • unintentional injury
    • suicide
    • homicide
  11. 3 causes of death 35-44 yo
    • unintentional injury
    • cancer
    • heart disease
  12. 3 causes of death 45-64 yo
    • cancer
    • heart disease
    • unintentional injury
  13. 3 causes of death 65 and over
    • heart disease
    • cancer
    • chronic respiratory disease
  14. safety culture
    • organizational environment in which you can bring up safety concerns without fear of censure to facilitate error idnetification
    • event reporting systems for internal and external monitoring
  15. human factors design
    forcing functions, standardization, simplification, guidelines, checklists, consolidating EMRs
  16. forcing functions
    designing things so that you can't mix them up, like making it so IV lines can't connect to NG tubes by having different connectors
  17. PDSA
    • plan, do, study, act
    • plan - define problem and solution
    • do - test process
    • study - measure and analyze
    • act - integrate new process into regular workflow
  18. structural measurements
    • type of quality measurement
    • capacities of a center, staff, technology, facilities
    • can they measure HbA1c
  19. outcome measurements
    • type of quality measurement
    • looking at outcomes in patients
    • avg HbA1c
  20. process measurements
    • type of quality measurement
    • looking at performance within the system
    • how many HbA1c's were checked last month
  21. balancing measurements
    • type of quality measurement
    • making sure changes in one part of system don't affect other systems
    • does lowering HbA1c's cause more hypoglycemia?
  22. swiss cheese model
    looks at how multiple processes were aligned to allow the problem to happen, and reduces focus on one person's error
  23. active error
    something went wrong
  24. latent error
    • an accident waiting to happen
    • using different types of IV pumps in the same hospital
  25. root cause analysis
    • identifies all of the problems that led to an error
    • use Ishikawa or cause and effect diagram
  26. Ishikawa diagram
    • fishbone diagram
    • Image Upload 1
  27. failure mode and effects analysis
    • what could go wrong and how bad would it be?
    • looks at all of the ways a process might fail and prioritizes the by probability of occurence and impact on patients
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