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  1. findo findere fidi fissum
  2. fingo fingere finxi fictum
    form, imagine, invent
  3. flagito (1)
  4. fletus -us m.
  5. fodio fodere fodi fossum
  6. fores -um f.pl.
  7. foris
    out of doors, outside
  8. fretum -i n.
    strait, sea
  9. fretus -a -um (+ abl.)
    relying on, trusting in
  10. glorior (1)
  11. grex gregis f.
  12. gubernator -oris m.
    steersman, governor
  13. guberno (1)
    steer, govern
  14. haereo haerere haesi haesum
  15. heres heredis c.
  16. hesternus -a -um
    of yesterday
  17. hiberna -orum n.pl.
    winter quarters
  18. hibernus -a -um
    of winter, wintry
  19. hiberno (1), hiemo (1)
    pass the winter, keep in winter quarters
  20. hodiernus -a -um
    of today, today=s
  21. horreo horrere horrui
    shudder at, be afraid of
  22. horror -oris m.
    fear, trembling
  23. hospes -itis m.
    host, guest, stranger
  24. hostia -ae f.
    victim, sacrifice
  25. ictus -us m.
    blow, stroke
  26. immanis -is -e
    monstrous, frightful, savage
  27. impiger -gra -grum
    active, energetic
  28. improbus -a -um
    wicked, shameless
  29. incommodus -a -um
    inconvenient, troublesome
  30. incommodum -i n.
    disadvantage, injury, misfortune
  31. induo -uere -ui -utum
    put on
  32. indutiae -arum f.pl.
  33. infestus -a -um
    hostile, dangerous
  34. infimus -a -um
    lowest, last, bottom
  35. imus -a -um
    lowest, last, bottom
  36. inscius -a -um
    not knowing, ignorant
  37. intercludo -cludere -clusi -clusum
    shut off, cut off
  38. interdum
    sometimes, from time to time
  39. interest -esse -fuit (+ gen. or mea, tua, sua)
    it concerns, it is of interest or
  40. importance
  41. intimus -a -um
    innermost, deepest
  42. item
    likewise, also
  43. iacto (1)
    throw, shake, toss about
  44. labor labi lapsus sum
    slip, slide, fall
  45. lacer -era -erum
    torn, mangled
  46. languidus -a -um
    faint, weak
  47. latebrae -arum f.pl.
    hiding-place, lair
  48. lenis -is -e
    gentle, mild
  49. libet libere libuit or libitum est (+ dat.)
    it pleases
  50. libido -inis f.
    desire, lust
  51. lignum -i n.
  52. ligo (1)
    bind, tie
  53. luceo lucere luxi
    shine, be light
  54. lucidus -a -um
    bright, clear
  55. manes -ium m.pl.
    spirits of the dead
  56. maturo (1)
    hurry on, accomplish quickly
  57. maturus -a -um
    ripe, mature, early
  58. mediocris -is -e
    moderate, ordinary
  59. meditor (1)
    consider, reflect, intend
  60. merces mercedis f.
    wages, price
  61. merito
  62. miseret -ere -uit (+ acc. and gen.)
    it causes pity, one feels pity
  63. modo
    only, just now
  64. moles -is f.
    mass, bulk, massive structure
  65. molior (4)
    labour at, attempt, devise
  66. mordeo mordere momordi morsum
  67. morsus -us m.
  68. mundus -i m.
    universe, world
  69. munus muneris n.
    gift, service, job, public show
  70. nequeo -quire -quivi or -quii -quitum
    be unable
  71. nequiquam
    in vain
  72. nimbus -i m.
  73. niteo nitere
    shine, glitter, look beautiful
  74. nitor niti nixus or nisus sum (+ abl.)
    strive, rely on
  75. numen numinis n.
    divine power, deity
  76. occulo -culere -cului -cultum
  77. operio operire operui opertum
    cover, hide
  78. opem opis f. (no nom.)
    help, strength
  79. opes opum f.pl.
    property, wealth, power
  80. opportunus -a -um
    suitable, at the right time
  81. opprimo -primere -pressi -pressum
    overwhelm, crush
  82. opulentus -a -um
    rich, wealthy
  83. paenitet -ere -uit (+ acc. and gen.)
    it causes repentance, one is sorry for,one regrets
  84. pando pandere pandi passum
    spread out, throw open, disclose
  85. pario parere peperi partum
    give birth to, produce, acquire
  86. paulatim
  87. paveo pavere pavi
    be afraid (of)
  88. pavor -oris m.
    fear, trembling
  89. penates -ium m.pl.
    household gods, home
  90. pendo pendere pependi pensum
    pay, consider, value
  91. pergo pergere perrexi perrectum
    continue, proceed
  92. peritus -a -um (+ gen.)
    skilled, experienced in
  93. pertineo -tinere -tinui
    reach, concern, belong to
  94. piger -gra -grum
    slow, lazy
  95. placo (1)
    reconcile, pacify
  96. plerumque
    mostly, for the most part
  97. populor (1)
    ravage, devastate
  98. porro
    onwards, further, moreover
  99. postulo (1)
  100. prae (+ abl.)
    in front of, compared with, because of
  101. praebeo (2)
    offer, give, show
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