BTT1OE unit 1

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  1. bit
    short for binary digit, the smallest unit of information on a machine. A single bit can only  hold two values, 0, or 1.
  2. binary
    pertaining to a number system that has just two unique digits
  3. bug
    an error or defect in software that causes a program to malfunction.
  4. byte
    abreveiation for a binary term. a unit of storage capable of holding  single crecter. on almost all modern computers, a byte is equal to 8 bits.
  5. carpel tunnel syndrome
    a common form of repetitive strain injury (RSI) produced by repeating the same small movements many times. as more and more people use computers, CTS and other forms of RIS have become more prevalent
  6. cd rom
    an optical disc capable of storing large amounts of data. most common size is 650MB
  7. clock speed
    the speed at witch microprocessor executes instructions.
  8. CPU
    The amount of time a CPU is actually executing instructions.
  9. E-Buisness
    e-business , is the administrative of conducting business via the internet.
  10. e-commerce
    a business that is conducted over the internet using any applications that they rely on the internet, such as email, and instant messaging.
  11. ergonomics
    the science concerned with designing safe and comfortable machines for humans.
  12. extranet
    a buzz word that relates to an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized outsiders.
  13. hardware
    computer hardware refers to objects that you can actually touch , like discs, disc drives, display screens, keyboards..
  14. information technology
    the application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives or electronic or digital products and systems considered as a group.
  15. internet
    a global network connecting millions of computers. more than 190 countries are liked into exchanges of data, news and opinions.
  16. intranet
    a network based on TCP/IP protocols belonging to an organization's member or those who are with the organization
  17. keyboard
    enables you to enter data into a computer and other devices
  18. LCD monitor
    a monitor that uses LCD technologies rather than the conversational CRT technologies used by most desktop monitors. until recently, LCD panels were used exclusively on notebook computers and other portable devices.
  19. motherboard
    the main circuit board of a micro computer. the mother board contains the connections for attaching additional boards.
  20. mouse
    device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on display screen.
  21. operating system
    a group of inter dependant items that interact regularly to preform a task.
  22. peripheral
    computer devices, such as a CD-ROM drive or printer, that is not part of the essential computer.
  23. personal computer
    PC-a portable computer
  24. plagiarism
    to take someone else's word and use them as your own.
  25. ports
    an interface on a computer to witch you can connect a device. personal computers have various types of ports.
  26. RAM
    configured to simulate a disk drive. you can access files on  RAM disk as you would access files on a real disk
  27. scanner
    a special type of optical scanner that is designed especially for photograpghs
  28. software
    computer instructions or data. anything that can be stored electronically is software.
  29. TFT monitor
    a type of LCD fat- panel display screen.
  30. USB
    a device witch uses software to store work
  31. virus
    a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes.
  32. WAN
    a phrase used to describe applications and products used to manage and accelerate the flow of data across a wide-area network(WAN).
  33. zip drive
    a high-capacity floppy disk drive developed by lomega corporation. Zip discs are slightly larger than conventional floppy discs are slightly larger than conventional floppy discs, and about twice as thick
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