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  1. An array has what symbol in front of it?
  2. Declare an array Brinkman and name all the children
    @Brinkman = ("Cassie", "Ethan", "Owen");
  3. @Brinkman = ("Cassie", "Ethan", "Owen") - what it @Brinkman[2]?
    Owen ... we start with 0 not 1.
  4. Pull the last variable in an an array
    pop() as in $lastvalue = pop(@brinkman);
  5. add variables to the end of array using what function?
    push as in push(@brinkman, "Melony"); makes "Cassie", "Ethan", "Owen", "melony";
  6. Add to the beginning of array function
    unshift(@Brinkman, "melony"); makes "melony", "Cassie", "Ethan", "Owen"
  7. pull the first value from an array
    shift(@brinkman) extracts from the array ("Cassie", "Ethan", "Owen") the result "Cassie"
  8. flip the order of an array
    reverse(@brinkman) flips ("Cassie", "Ethan", "Owen") to ("Owen", "Ethan", "Cassie")
  9. What is a hash?
    a type of variable that has a name instead of a letter to mark it's variables. key - value pairs
  10. hash arrays use what symbols to start the array
    % as in %brinkman
  11. Create a hash array
    %officers = ("president","scott","CEO","kendell","secretary","trish");
  12. View all the keys from a hash array
  13. view all the values from a hash array
  14. delete a variable in a hash array
    delete $officers{"VP"}; as in $hashname {"keyname"};
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