social and emotional development

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  1. Culture-
    consists of behaviors, ideas attitudes and traditions transmitted from one generation to the next, who share the same language and environment
  2. Bonding-
    close emotional relationship between mother and baby shortly after birth
  3. attachment.
    Mother and child bond,  the continuous interactions between them causes an emotional relationship
  4. Harry Harlow's Monkeys
    Monkeys separated from their mothers looked for comfort from a terry cloth (soft and warm) mother, rather than a wire mother that would provide them with food
  5. strange situation”
    mother and a baby play in an unfamiliar roomThe baby then interacts with the mother and an unfamiliar woman,  the mother then briefly leaves the baby with the unfamiliar womanNext the baby is left alone and then the mother returns
  6. when does secure attachment occur
    if a parent is supportive and sensitive to a child's needs
  7. When the mothers returned ( called the reunion), if the baby seemed happy to see her, then the baby would be displaying what Ainsworth called a
    secure attachment
  8. insecure attachment.
    if the child seems angry, or ignores their mother
  9. ecurely attached babies tend to develop into
    socially healthy and competent children
  10. Temperament-
    • Natural disposition to show a particular mood at a particular intensity for a specific period, affects his/her behavior
    • Both heredity and environment will aid in determining this
  11. easy babies
    cheerful, relaxed, follow predictable patterns of eating and sleeping, tend to become more social
  12. Difficult babies-
    irritable, intense, and unpredictable, tend to become less social
  13. Jerome Kagan
    first two years of a child’s life are critical in the development of self-consciousness, memory, sense of morality, and symbolism. 

    shy, inhibited babies can become more relaxed and less fearful with responsive parenting
  14. Self-awareness
    consciousness of oneself as a person
  15. rouge test
    spot of rouge (cream blush) is secretly put on a babies nose, then the baby is placed in front of a mirror to see if the baby realizes its his or her own nose with the red spot, if the baby notices then they have come to self awareness, usually occurs at 1.5 yrs old.
  16. Social referencing
    observing the behavior of others in social situations to obtain information or guidance
  17. Authoritarian parenting style-
    sets up absolute and restrictive rules accompanied by punishment for disobedience
  18. Authoritative parenting style
    flexible rules for which reasons are given. Parents are warm and nurture independence with guidelines
  19. Permissive parenting style-
    sets no firm guidelines and tends to give in to demands of the child
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