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  1. A
  2. On what day did Esther put on her royal apparel?
  3. After putting on her royal apparel, where did Esther stand?
    in the inner court of the king's house
  4. The inner court where Esther stood in the King's house, where was it over agaist?
    the king's house
  5. Where did the king sit?
    upon his royal throne
  6. Where was the royal throne located?
    in the royal house
  7. Against what was the royal house located?
    the gate of the house
  8. When the king saw Esther standing in the court, what did she obtain?
  9. In whose sight did Esther obtain favour?
    the king
  10. What did the King hold out to Esther
    the golden sceptre
  11. What did Esther do when the King held out the golden Sceptre to her?
    touched the top
  12. What part of the sceptre did Esther touch, when the King held out the scepter
    the top
  13. Unto what did the King say he would honor Esther's request?
    half of his kingdom
  14. Who did Esther invite to a banquet she prepared?
    the king and Haman
  15. What did Esther prepare for the king and Haman?
    a banquet
  16. Who came to the banquet that Esther prepared?
    the king and Haman
  17. The king said " cause Haman to make this"?
  18. What kind of banquet did Esther prepare?
    a banquet of wine
  19. What did the king ask Esther at the banquet of wine?
    what is they petition
  20. What was the king going to do with Esther's petition?
    grant it to her
  21. According to Esther 5:6 What was the king going to do with Esther's request?
    even to the half of the kingdom it shall be performed
  22. On what day did Esther invite the king and Haman to a banquet the second time?
  23. On what day did Esther invite the king and Haman to a banquet the first time?
    this day
  24. Where was Mordecai when Haman saw that he stood not up, nor moved for him?
    in the king's gate
  25. What did Mordecai not do when he saw Haman in the king's gate?
    stood not up, nor moved for him
  26. Haman was full of this when he saw the Mordecai stood not up, nor moved for him?
  27. Who was Haman full of indignation against?
  28. When Haman came home after Mordecai stood not up before him, who did he send and call for?
    his friends, and Zeresh his wife
  29. Who was Haman's wife?
  30. what did the king do for Haman?
    promoted him
  31. What of his riches did Haman tell his friends and his wife?
    the glory
  32. What of his children did Haman tell his friends and his wife?
  33. Above whom did the king advance Haman?
    his princes and servants
  34. Who only did Haman say Esther let come into the banquet with the king?
  35. Be specific: Who did Haman say he saw sitting at the king's gate?
    Mordecai the Jew
  36. How tall was the gallows to be that Zeresh and Haman's friends said to make?
    50 cubits
  37. Who did Zeresh and Haman's friends want to be hung on the gallows?
  38. Who caused the gallows to be made?
  39. Who laid a tribute upon the land, and upon the isles of the sea?
    king Ahasuerus
  40. What did King Ahasuerus lay a tribute upon?
    the land, and the isles of the sea
  41. Where are all the acts of Mordecai's power and and might written?
    the book of the chronicles of Media and Persia
  42. What did King Ahasuerus lay upon the land, and upon the isles of the sea?
    a tribute
  43. Who was next unto king Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews?
  44. Who was great among the Jews?
  45. Mordecai was next unto whom?
    king Ahasuerus
  46. What was Mordecai's nationality?
    a Jew
  47. Among whom was Mordecai accepted?
    the multitued of his brethren
  48. Unto whom did Mordecai speak peace?
    all his seed
  49. Of whose wealth did Mordecai seek?
    his people
  50. On the night that the King could not sleep, what did he command be brought to him?
    the book of records of the chronicles
  51. What was read before the king on the night he could not sleep?
    the book of records of the chronicles
  52. Who did Mordecai say had sought to lay hand on the king Ahasuerus?
    Bigthana, Teresh
  53. What did Mordecai say that Bigthana and Teresh sought to do?
    lay hand on the King Ahasuerus
  54. Who were Bigthana and Teresh?
    two of the king's chamberlains
  55. What was the responsibility of the king's chambrerlains?
    the keepers of the door
  56. When the king read the book and found that Mordecai told of the plot of the two chamberlains, what did the king ask?
    What honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai
  57. What did the kings servants tell the king had been done to Mordecai for speaking of the two chamberlains plot?
    there is nothing done for him
  58. Where did Haman come to in the king's house when requesting that Mordecai be hung?
    the outward court
  59. Who told the king that Haman standeth in the court?
    the servants
  60. Who did Haman think the king delighted to honor?
  61. What did Haman say the king should give to the man he delighteth to honour?
    the king's royal apparel, the king's horse, royal crown
  62. Where did Haman say that the king should bring the man he delighteth to honour while on horseback?
    through the street of the city
  63. What did Haman do after he did what the king requested for the man the king delighteth to hoour?
    hasted to his house mourning, having his head covered
  64. Who did Zeresh and Haman's friends say that Haman would surely fall before?
  65. Where did the chamberlains hasten to bring Haman ?
    the banquet that Esther had prepared
  66. Who came to the banquet of Esther the queen?
    the king and Haman
  67. According to Esther 7:3 What was Esther's petition to the King?
    her life
  68. According to Esther 7:3 What was Esther's request to the King?
    her people
  69. How did Esther say that she and her people were sold to be?
    destroyed, slain , to perish
  70. Esther said that she woukd have held her tongue if she and her peole were sold for these?
    bondmen, bondwomen
  71. What did Esther say she had done to her tongue?
    held it
  72. Who did Esther say was the adversary and the enemy?
    wicked Haman
  73. Esther described Haman as being this?
    the adversary, enemy
  74. Of whom was Haman now afraid?
    the king, queen
  75. Standing before the King and queen, how did Haman feel?
  76. In his wrath, from what did the king arise?
    the banquet of wine
  77. In his wrath, where did the king go after he arose from the banquet of wine?
    the palace garden
  78. Who did Haman stand before requesting for his life?
    Esther the queen
  79. When the king returned from the garden, where did he find Haman?
    fallen upon the be where Esther was
  80. As the words went out of the Kings mouth, what was done to Haman?
    they covered his face
  81. Who reminded the king of the gallows that Haman had made for Mordecai?
  82. Where was the gallows located that Haman made for Mordecai?
    in Haman's house
  83. What became of the king's wrath after Haman was hanged?
    it was pacified
  84. Who was an enemy of the Jews?
  85. Unto whom did king Ahasuerus give the house of Haman?
    Esther the queen
  86. From where did the king take his ring?
    from Haman
  87. Who did the king give the ring he took from Haman?
  88. Who did Esther set over Haman's house?
  89. When Esther spoke again to the king, what did she do?
    fell at his feet
  90. With what did Esther beseech the king?
    with tears
  91. Who was the father of Haman?
    Hammendatha the Agagite
  92. What was Haman's nationality?
  93. What was the purpose of the letters that Haman wrote?
    to destroy the Jews
  94. Which Jews did Haman want to destroy?
    the ones in the king's provinces
  95. What did Esther want to be done with the letters that Haman wrote against the Jews?
    she wanted them reversed
  96. What did Esther say she would not be able to endure?
    the evil that shall come upon her people
  97. Whose distruction did Esther say she would not be able to endure?
    of her kindred
  98. Where was Haman hanged?
    upon the gallows
  99. Why was Haman hanged?
    because he laid his hand upon the Jews
  100. What writings could not be reversed?
    writings written in the king's name, sealed with the king's ring
  101. In what month were the king's scribes called?
  102. What was the name of the month that the scribes were called?
  103. What day of the month were the scribes called?
    the 3 and 20th day of the month
  104. Who did Mordcai command with his writings?
    Jews, lieutenants, deputies, rulers of the provinces
  105. How many provinces did Mordecai command?
    an hundred twenty and seven
  106. From where to where did Mordecai command?
    India unto Ethiopia
  107. In whose name did Mordecai write?
    king Ahasuerus
  108. How did Mordecai send his letters?
    by post on horseback, riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries
  109. What did the king grant the Jews in every city to do?
    gather themselves together, stand for their life, to destroy, to slay, to cause to perish
  110. Of what were the Jews to take spoil?
    for a prey
  111. What day of the month was copy of the writing for commandment given in every province?
    the thirteenth day of the twelfth month
  112. What was the name of the month that the Jews should be ready to avenge themselves on their enemies?
  113. What were the Jews to be ready to do in the month of Adar?
    avenge themselves on their enemies
  114. From where was the decree given that the posts who rode on mules and camels go out?
    Shushan the palace
  115. Of what colors were Mordecais royal apparel?
    blue , white
  116. Mordecai's crown was made of what material?
  117. Desctibe Mordecai's crown?
    great crown of gold
  118. Of what was Mordecai's garment made?
    fine linen, purple
  119. Who rejoiced and was glad when they saw Mordecia in his royal garments?
    the city of Shushan
  120. What did the city of Shushan do when they saw Mordecai's royal garments?
    rejoice, was glad
  121. What did the Jews have as a result of Mordecai?
    light, gladness, joy, honour
  122. For what reason did many of the people of the land become Jews?
    the fear of the Jews
  123. Who became Jews because the fear of the Jews fell upon them?
    many of the people of the land
  124. What did the Jews have over those that hated them?
  125. Who did the Jews have power over?
    those that hated them
  126. In what month was the king's commandment and decree to be put into execution?
    the twelfth month, the month Adar
  127. What the the enemies of the Jews hope to have over them?
  128. Where did the Jews gather themselves together?
    throughout all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus
  129. Who helped the Jews because the fear of Mordecai fell upon them?
    the rulers of the provinces, the lieutenants, the deputies, officers of the king
  130. Who was great in the king's house?
  131. How did Mordecai wax?
    greater and greater
  132. Where did Mordecai's fame go?
    throughtout all the provinces
  133. What did the Jews do to all their enemies with the stroke of the sword?
  134. The king's commandment and his decree drew near to be put in this?
  135. What did the Jews gathered themselves together to do to such as sought their hurt?
    lay hand on
  136. No man could withstand the Jews because what fell upon them?
  137. The rulers, lieutenants, deputies, and officers of the king helped Jews because whose fear fell upon them?
  138. How many men in Shushan the palace did the Jews slay?
  139. How many sons did Haman have?
  140. Name any 5 sons of Hamam?
    Parshandatha, Dalphon, Aspatha, Poratha, Adalia, Aridatha, Parmashta, Arisai, Aridai, Vajezatha
  141. Who of Haman did the Jews slay?
    10 sons
  142. The Jews slew the 10 sons of Haman, but on what did they lay not their hands?
    the spoil
  143. What of those that wer slain in Shushan the palace was brought to the king?
    the number
  144. Who did the king tell that the Jews have salin five thousand men in Shushan the palace, and the 10 sons os Haman?
  145. Who along with the 10 sons of Haman were slain by the Jews?
    5 thousand men
  146. What did Esther request to be done to Haman's 10 sons?
    hanged on the gallows
  147. On what day did the Jews gather together themselves together
    14the day of Adar
  148. What did Haman command be done with Haman's 10 sons
  149. How many men were slain at Shushan on the 14th day of Adar?
  150. How man of their enemies and foes did the other Jews slay?
    seventy and five thousand
  151. On what days did the other Jews at Shushan assemble together to rest, and make a day of feasting and gladness?
    the thirteenth day, fourteenth day
  152. On what days did the Jews at Shushan assemble together to rest and make a day of feasting, and gladness?
    the thirteenthday, fourteenth day, fifteenth day
  153. Where did the Jews dwell that mad a day of gladness and feasting?
    in the unwalled towns
  154. To where did Mordecai write and send letters unto all the Jews?
    all the provinces of king Ahasuerus,both nigh and far
  155. What was the purpose of the letters that Mordecai sent to the Jews?
    to stablish that they should keep the 14th,15th day of the month Adar yearly
  156. What did Mordecai say the days of Adar were for?
    feasting, joy, sending portions one to another, gifts to the poor
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