Vocab Unit 14

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  1. beatific
    • Adj. Blissful; rendering or making blessed
    • Synonyms: rapturous, ecstatic, transcendent
    • Antonyms: disconsolate, dejected, doleful
  2. behemoth
    • N. A creature of enormous size, power, or appearance
    • Synonyms: mammoth, whale, elephant, colossus
    • Antonyms: dwarf, pygmy, midget
  3. blandishment
    • N. anything designed to flatter or coax; sweet talk, apple-polishing
    • Synonyms: allurement, enticement, cajolery
    • Antonyms: threat, intimidation
  4. cacophonous
    • Adj. Harsh-sounding, raucous,discordant, dissonant
    • Antonyms: harmonious, melodious, mellifluous
  5. chicanery
    • N. trickery, deceptive practices or tactics, double-dealing
    • Antonym: fair dealing
  6. consign
    • V. To give over to another's care, charge, or control; to entrust, deliver; to set apart for a special use
    • Synonyms: transfer, remit, convey
  7. coup
    • N. a highly successful stroke, masterstroke, tour de force, act, plan, or stratagem; a sudden takeover of power or leadership
    • Antonyms: blunder, faux pas, gaffe
  8. euphemism
    N. A mild or inoffensive expression used in place of a harsh or unpleasant one; a substitute
  9. febrile
    • Adj. feverish; pertaining to or marked by fever; frenetic
    • Antonyms: leisurely, relaxed
  10. gainsay
    • V. to deny, contradict, controvert; to dispute, oppose
    • Antonyms: confirm, corroborate, support, admit
  11. imminent
    • Adj. about to happen, threatening
    • Synonyms: impending, looming
    • Antonyms: distant, remote, faraway
  12. innate
    • Adj. natural, inborn, inherent; built-in
    • Synonyms: intrinsic, congenital
    • Antonyms: learned, acquired, extrinsic, accidental
  13. loath
    • Adj. unwilling, reluctant, disinclined
    • Synonyms: averse, indisposed
    • Antonyms: willing, eager, inclined
  14. Manifest
    • Adj. Clear, evident to the eyes or mind
    • V. To show plainly, exhibit, evince
    • N. a list of cargo and/or passengers
    • Synonyms: apparent, reveal, disclose
    • Antonyms: unrevealed, hidden, hide, conceal
  15. minutiae
    • N. small or trivial details, trifling matters
    • Synonyms: trivia, trifles
    • Antonyms: essentials
  16. Moratorium
    • N. A suspension of activity; an official waiting period; an authorized period of delay
    • Synonyms: postponement, stoppage
    • Antonyms: acceleration, escalation
  17. nostrum
    • N. An alleged cure-all; a remedy or scheme of questionable effectiveness
    • Synonyms: panacea, elixir
  18. pariah
    • N. one who is rejected by a social group or organization
    • Synonyms: outcast, untouchable, persona non grata
  19. Visionary
    • Adj. not practical, lacking in realism; having the nature of a fantasy or dream
    • N. one given to far-fetched ideas; a dreamer or seer characterized by vision or foresight
    • Synonyms: utopian, idealistic, impractical
    • Antonyms: realistic, practical
  20. Wizened
    • Adj. Dry, shrunken, and wrinkled (often as the result of aging)
    • Synonyms: withered, shriveled
    • Antonyms: bloated, distended
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