Musculoskeletal System

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  1. Sternohyoid
  2. Sternocleidomastoid
  3. Pectoralis major
    Pectoral mayor
  4. Serrates anterior
    Serrato anterior
  5. Brachioradialis
  6. External oblique
    Oblicuo externo
  7. Tensor fasciae latae
    Tensor de la facia lata
  8. Iliopsoas
  9. Pectineus

  10. Adductor longus
    Aductor largo
  11. Sartorius
  12. Gastrocnemius
  13. Frontalis
  14. Orbicularis oculi
    Orbicular oftálmico
  15. Orbicularis oris
    Orbicular oral
  16. Trapezius
  17. Deltoid
  18. Brachialis
  19. Biceps brachii
    Biceps braquial
  20. Triceps
  21. Rectus abdominis
    Recto abdominal
  22. Adductor magnus
    Aductor largo
  23. Quadriceps femoris
    Quadriceps femoral
  24. Tibialis anterior
    Tibial anterior
  25. Soleus
  26. Rectus femoris
    El recto femoral

    El recto anterior del muslo
  27. Biceps femoris
    El bíceps femoral

    El bíceps crural
  28. Vastus medialis
    El vasto interno
  29. Teres minor
    Redondo menor
  30. Teres major
    Redondo mayor
  31. Tricep brachii
    Triceps braquial
  32. Gluteus maximus
    Glúteo máximo
  33. Adductor magnus
    Aductor mayor
  34. Vastus lateralis
    Vaso lateral
  35. Semitendinosus
  36. Long head of biceps femoris
    Vasto largo del biceps femoris
  37. Occipitalis
  38. Trapezius
  39. Deltoid
  40. Latissimus doesi
    Dorsal ancho
  41. External oblique
    Oblicuo externo
  42. Flexor carpi ulnaris
    Flexor de carpo
  43. Gracilis
    Recto interno
  44. Semimembranosus
  45. Fibularis longus
    Músculo peroneal largo
  46. Achilles tendon
    Tendón de Aquiles
  47. Ankylosing spondylitis
    Espondilitis anquilosante

    a form of rheumatoid arthritis that primarily causes inflammation of the joints between the vertebrae
  48. Arthritis

    an inflammatory condition of one or more joints
  49. Arthroscopy

    visual examination of the internal structure of a joint using an arthroscope
  50. Bursa

    a fibrous sac that acts as a cushion to ease movement in areas that are subject to friction

    ex] shoulder, elbow, and knee joints where a tendon passes over a bone
  51. Dislocation
    Discolocación (luxación)

    the total displacement of a bone from its joint
  52. Gout

    Gouty Arthritis

    a condition that develops when excess uric acid (excreted by the kidneys) in the blood that forms crystals in the joints of the feet and legs
  53. Hiatal Hernia
    Hernia de hiato

    the protrusion of part of the stomach through an opening in the diaphragm
  54. Inguinal Hernia
    Hernia Inguinal

    the protrusion of a small loop of bowel through a weak place in the lower abdominal wall or groin
  55. Umbilical Hernia
    Hernia Umbilical

    a kind of hernia present in newborns and babies in which part of the intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall under the skin of the navel region.
  56. Herniated Disk
    Disco herniado 

    the breaking apart of an intervertebral disk that results in pressure on the spinal nerve roots
  57. Joint

    • -The site of the junction or union of two or more bones.
    • -Primary function is to provide motion and flexibility in the body.
    • -Some are immobile and fused together ex] skull
    • -Others like the vertebrae are gliding joints and have limited motion
    • -The most common are the synovial joints which have a complex structure composed of:
    • ligaments, cartilage, the articular capsule, synovial membrane and bursae
  58. Muscle cramp
    Calambre muscular

    a painful localized muscle spasm
  59. Muscular Dystrophy
    Distrofia Muscular

    a group of more than 30 genetic diseases that are characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles without affecting the nervous system.
  60. Myasthenia
    Miastenia gravis

    a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the neuromuscular junction and produces serious weakness of the voluntary muscles
  61. Osteoarthritis

    Wear-and-Tear Arthritis

    • -the type of arthritis most commonly associated with aging.
    • -a degenerative joint disease where the cartilage within the joints wears away
  62. Osteomyelitis

    -inflammation of the bone marrow and adjacent bone.  

    -the bacteria that causes this often originates in another part of the body and spreads to the bones via the blood
  63. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Artritis Reumatoide

    a chronic autoimmune disorder in which the synovial membranes and other body tissues are inflamed and thickened.
  64. Sprain

    an injury to a joint such as a knee, ankle or wrist that usually involves a wrenched or torn ligament
  65. Strain

    an injury to the body of a muscle or the attachment of a tendon
  66. Synovial Fluid
    Liquido Sinovial

    -a viscous fluid contained within a membrane enclosing movable joints.

    -protects the area where a tendon passes over a bone and lubricates the cartilages which make surface contact between the bones and joint
  67. Systemic lupus erythematousus
    Luis eritematoso sistémico

    an autoimmune disorder characterized by a red scaly rash on the face and upper trunk that also attacks connective tissue in other bodily systems
  68. Tendonitis/Tendinitis

    inflammation of the tendons caused by excessive or unusual use of the joint
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