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  1. Is the Commandant the CO of Head Quarters?
    • NO
    • E5 - 1
  2. How many Regions is the CG organized into?
    • 2
    • E5 - 2
  3. How many star Admirals lead the PAC and ATLANTIC Areas?
    • 13 star admiral for each area
    • E5 - 2
  4. Who commands Districts?
    • One or two star admirals
    • E5 - 3
  5. How many district offices are in the Atlantic Area?
    • 5
    • E5 - 3
  6. Name the Atlantic area Districts.
    • 1. 1st
    • 2. 5th
    • 3. 7th
    • 4. 8th
    • 5. 9th
    • E5 - 3
  7. How many district offices are in the Pacific Area?
    • Answer: 4
    • E5 - 3
  8. Name the Pacific area Districts.
    • 1. 11th
    • 2. 13th
    • 3. 14th
    • 4. 17th
    • E5 - 3
  9. What size cutters are under the control of Area Commands?
    • High endurance cutters and medium endurance cutters
    • E5 - 2
  10. What vessel size is considered a cutter?
    • 65 feet in length or greater
    • E5 - 4
  11. What cutters fall under district Commands?
    • cutters under 180 feet and under
    • E5 - 4
  12. How long was the US involved in WWI?
    • April 2, 1917 - November 1918
    • E5 - 12
  13. In what year(s) was the Quasi-War fought?
    • 1798 – 1799
    • E5 - 7
  14. What started the Quasi-War?
    • France, distressed over the U.S. trading with its British enemies, seized
    • American ships on the high seas. On May 28, 1798, Congress authorized the capture of armed French vessels hovering off the U.S. coast, initiating an undeclared Quasi-War with France.
    • E5-07
  15. Where were most of the French cruisers during the Quasi-War?
    • The strategy employed by the U.S. to defeat the French campaign against
    • American shipping was to conduct offensive operations in the Caribbean, since most of the French cruisers were based in this area.
    • E5-07
  16. How many cutters did the revenue service operate along our southern coast in the Caribbean Sea?
    • The Coast Guard operated eight cutters along our southern coast in the Caribbean Sea and along the West Indies Islands.
    • E5-07
  17. What war started the role of the CG augmenting the Navy with shallow-draft craft during time of war?
    • The Coast Guard’s role of augmenting the Navy with shallow-draft craft evolved out of the War of 1812 with England.
    • E5-08
  18. Who were we fighting in the war of 1812?
    • England.
    • E5-08
  19. What was the first war that steam ships were used?
    • The Mexican-American War.
    • E5-09
  20. During the war of 1812; which cutter ran ashore on long Island, whose crew dragged her gun’s to a high bluff and fought the British ships from there?
    • The cutter Eagle.
    • E5-09
  21. Was the eagle ever captured?
    • Ye, by the British, with overwhelming numbers, finally captured the Eagle during the war of 1812.
    • E5-09
  22. What year was the Mexican-American War declared?
    • Congress declared war with Mexico on May 13, 1846.
    • E5-09
  23. How many years did the Civil War last?
    • 4 years, 1861-1865.
    • E5-10
  24. What vessel is credited with firing the first naval shot of the Civil War?
    • The Harriet Lane is credited with firing the first naval shots of the Civil War.
    • E5-10
  25. In the Civil War our cutters performed what duties in the Navy’s service?
    • During the Civil War, our cutters in the Navy’s service performed blockade duty along the Atlantic coast, Chesapeake Bay, and Potomac River. Cutters were involved in the transport of troops and supplies.
    • E5-10
  26. What year did Spain declare war on the U.S.?
    Spain declared war on the U.S. on April 24, 1898. E5-11
  27. Why did Spain declare war on the U.S.?
    As a consequence of our intervention in the Spain/Cuba crisis. E5-11
  28. Why did the U.S. enter WWI?
    • After German submarines deliberately sunk three American vessels, the U.S. entered World War I.
    • E5-12
  29. What year did the U.S. enter WWI?
    • April 2, 1917.
    • E5-12
  30. What was transferred to the Navy during WWI?
    • The entire Coast Guard’s manpower, vessels, and units were transferred to the Navy in April 1917.
    • E5-12
  31. What Cutter was torpedoed by a German submarine, which causes the loss of all hands?
    • The Tampa was torpedoed by a German submarine and all of the crew killed.
    • E5-12.
  32. When did WWI end?
    • World War I ended in November 1918.
    • E5-12
  33. What a year(s) was WWII fought?
    • 1939 to 1945. The Coast Guard returned under the jurisdiction of the Treasury
    • Department on January 1, 1946.
    • E5-13, E5-14, E5-15
  34. Following World War II, Members of what organization were given rates and ratings, uniforms and insignias?
    • Auxiliary members were given rates and ratings, uniforms, and insignia.
    • E5-34
  35. Who made the first naval capture of WWII?
    • The cutter Northland took the Norwegian trawler Boskoe into “protective custody” and captured three German radiomen ashore.
    • E5-13
  36. In WWII, how many enemy subs were sunk by CG manned ships?
    • Coast Guard-manned ships sank 11 enemy submarines.
    • E5-13
  37. Today’s CG is a multi-mission organization product of the infusion of ____ agencies.
    • FIVE
    • (E5-21)
  38. To rescue immigrants from vessels ravished by winter storms, a Federal Lifesaving service was initiated in what year?
    • 1848
    • (E5-21)
  39. Where were the first Federal Lifesaving Stations placed?
    • (E5-21)
  40. What made up the crew of these stations?
    • A Wreck Master was put in charge of an all volunteer crew
    • (E5-22)
  41. What is the largest number of immigrants rescued from a single vessel, by what CGC?
    • (E5-23)
  42. What Act created the 200 mile offshore fishing Zone to be controlled by the US?
    • (E5-23)
  43. What was the driving force for creating the International Ice Patrol in 1914?
    • Sinking of the Titanic
    • E5-27
  44. In today’s CG how is the International Ice patrol performed?
    • Coast Guard Aircraft
    • E5-27
  45. When was the Lighthouse service federalized?
    • August 07, 1789
    • E5-28
  46. What department did the lighthouse service fall under?
    • Treasury
    • E5-28
  47. Where is the only current Coast Guard manned light station in the U.S.?
    • Boston Harbor
    • E5-28
  48. Who is the only man in history to have received both a Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal?
    • Marcus Hanna
    • E5-29
  49. When was the CG Auxiliary Created?
    • 1939
    • E5-29
  50. What Title of the US Code cites that the Coast Guard is a Military Service?
    • Title 14
    • E5-30
  51. What are the 5 National Defense Missions of the CG?
    • 1. Maritime Interception Operations
    • 2. Military Environmental Response Operations
    • 3. Port Operations, Security, and Defense
    • 4. Peacetime Military Engagements
    • 5. Coastal Sea Control Operations
    • E5-30
  52. When was the reserve created?
    • February 19, 1941
    • E5-31
  53. When was the Women’s Reserve created?
    • November 23, 1942
    • E5-31
  54. What is one of the Auxiliary’s most important assignments?
    • Courtesy Marine Examination Program
    • E5-35
  55. Districts are grouped into what?
    Some districts are grouped into regions.
  56. When did the CG transfer to the Department of Homeland Security?
    On March, 1, 2003, the U.S. Coast Guard was officially transferred to DHS.
  57. How many Miles of Coastline does the U.S. have?
    • The Coast Guard has increased its vigilance, readiness, and patrols to protect the country’s 95,000 miles of coastline, including the Great Lakes and inland waterways.
    • Enlisted Achievements
    • (E5-40)
  58. Who were the first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard?
    1918. Twin sisters Genevieve and Lucille Baker of the Naval Coastal Defense Reserve become the first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard.
  59. When did the first African-American females enter SPARs?
  60. Who were the first first five African-American females enter the SPARs:
    • Olivia Hooker
    • D. Winifred Byrd
    • Julia Mosley
    • Yvonne Cumberbatch
    • Aileen Cooke.
  61. What does SPARs stand for?
    Semper Paratus Always Ready Women’s Reserve):
  62. When did the Coast Guard promote the first Master Chief Petty Officer?
    November 1st, 1958. On November 1.
  63. Who was the first Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer?
    Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin was the first Coast Guard E-9.
  64. What rating was created because of Alex Haley?
    In 1949, Haley transfers to the journalist rate. The rate is created because of his strong writing abilities.
  65. Name the first cutters of the RCS?
    • 1. Massachusetts
    • 2. Scammel
    • 3. South Carolina
    • 4. Argus
    • 5. Virginia
    • 6. Vigilant
    • 7. Active
    • 8. General Green
    • 9. Eagle
    • 10. Diligence
    • (E5 42)
  66. Who is credited with saving over 600 lives, earned 2 gold life savings medals, 3 silver?
    Joshua James
  67. Who is one of the most famous people to have ever served in the U.S. lighthouse Service?
    • Ida Lewis
    • E5-43
  68. What Master Chief Petty Officer had 44 years of service, served on 34 vessels?
    • Master Chief Boatswain's Mate Donald H. Horsley
    • E5-42
  69. What is the minimum amount of active duty status a warrant applicant must have?
    • at least eight years total active service in the U.S. Armed Forces…the last 4 years with the Coast Guard
    • E5-51
  70. In order for an E-6 to be eligible to compete for CWO he must be place above __ % on the advancement list for E-7.
    • 50%
    • E5-51
  71. How long is OCS?
    • 17 weeks
    • E5-51
  72. What is the age limit for PPEP?
    • between 21 years and not yet 32 years of age
    • E5-53
  73. What is the age requirements for the Coast Guard Academy?
    • between 17 and 22 years of age
    • E5-53
  74. What is the latest that a supervisor can route an employee review to the Marking Official?
    • no later than nine days prior to the period ending date
    • E5-59
  75. What is the latest that you can council a member on his employee review?
    • not later than 21 days
    • E5-59
  76. Whose decision on advancement recommendation cannot be appealed?
    • the Approving Official’s
    • E5-62
  77. When does an E-5 get a set of marks?
    • An active duty E-5 gets a set of marks last day of April and May.
    • A Reservist gets a set of marks on last day of April ONLY.
    • E5-65
  78. What conditions require a special set of marks?
    • 1. Advancement or change in rating to pay grade E-7 or above
    • 2. Detachment for permanent change of station
    • 3. Detachment for intra-command reassignments if the Approving Official will change
    • 4. Detachment of an Approving Official who directly supervises an evaluee
    • 5. Evaluee completes TAD, Active Duty for Special Work-Reserve Component
    • (ADSW-RC), or Active Duty for Special Work-Active Component (ADSW-AC)
    • for any length of time.
    • E5-66
  79. When must you do a special set of marks regardless of when the last set was completed?
    • 1. Awarded non-judicial punishment (NJP)
    • 2. or Convicted by a court-martial (CM).
    • E5-66
  80. Counseling must take place not later than ___ days following the employee review period ending date.
    • 21
    • E5-69
  81. What is the recommended hours of sleep that a person should receive to help combat stress?
    • 7-8 hours of sleep
    • E5-72
  82. Coast Guard Foundation Enlisted Education Grants are for active duty personnel in what pay grades?
    • E-3 to E-9
    • E5-81
  83. What is the dollar amount of the grant from the Coast Guard Foundation Grants?
    • Answer: $350.00
    • E5-81
  84. What is a Survey?
    • an administrative action to perform an investigation to look at circumstances pertaining to the loss, destruction, or damage of Coast Guard property.
    • E5-88
  85. What dollar amount is a Report of Survey required?
    • Answer: $500.00 and greater
    • E5-88
  86. What is the form number for a Report of Survey?
    • CG-5269
    • E5-88
  87. Who should you contact if you discover any discrepancies in your Direct Access training records?
    • Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)
    • E5-92
  88. What is the form number for a Short Term Training Request?
    Form CG-5223
  89. What is considered a Micro Purchase?
    A micro purchase for the acquisition or supplies
  90. What is the dollar amount limit for ordering supplies or service with a PR?
    A micro purchase for the acquisition or supplies shall not exceed $3,000.00. A micro purchase for the acquisition for services shall not exceed $2,500.00
  91. If the total of all supplies or services is more than 2,500.00 what most you do?
    If the total amount of the purchase exceeds the micro purchase threshold ($3,000.00 for supplies or $2,500.00 for services) then three price quotes shall be required
  92. What is the dollar amount limitation on PRs for construction?
    PRs for construction requests are limited to $2,000.00
  93. What is the form number for a Procurement Request (PR)?
    DOT F 4200.1.2CG
  94. The greatest hazards posed by hand tools results from ____.
    misuse and improper maintenance
  95. How long must a confined space be ventilated before entry?
    Ventilate the space for 24 hours.
  96. Who must be present at the space opening prior to opening a confined space?
    Gas Free Engineer (GFE)
  97. At what dB level are you required to wear hearing protection?
    85 dB
  98. At what dB level are you required to wear double hearing protection?
  99. Before sending a man to work aloft what must be done?
    a Man Aloft Chit must be completed specifying the safety procedures that must be in place
  100. Who must you get permission from, before working over the side?
  101. Who is the Originator of COMDTINST M1000.6?
    • Commadant
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  102. What type of Directive is COMDTINST M1000.6?
    • Instruction
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  103. Is COMDTINST M1000.6 a Manual or an Instruction?
    • Manual
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  104. What is an important resource that can help you find directives?
    • Directives, Publications, and Reports Index (Commandant Notice 5600)
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  105. How often is the Directives, Publications, and Reports Index (Commandant Notice 5600) Published?
    • Annually
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  106. What is chapter 2 of the Commandant Notice 5600?
    • Chapter Two lists all directives numerically
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  107. What is chapter 3 of the Commandant Notice 5600?
    • Chapter Three lists them alphabetically
    • (E-PME Study Guide E5-140)
  108. The data in the searchable Logistics Information that can be found in FEDLOG comes from where?
    • FED LOG Information Center
    • (E-PME Study Guide E-7)
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