Microbiology - 0404 - Bacterial Toxins

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  1. Endotoxin
    • Lipid A of LPS, G(-) only
    • causes toxin shock syndrome by IL-1, released by macrophage during phagocytosis, and bacterial lysis, fever, etc.
  2. IL-1 induce _____
    prostaglandin release after IL-1 enters bloodstream and stims hypothalamus.
  3. The way cell responds to the endotoxin is through _______.
    • toll-like receptors (TLRs)
    • receptors on immune cells that respond to different parts of bacteria
    • TLR-4 responds to bacterial endotoxins
  4. Fever persists after the bacteria die because
    the endotoxin is still active, binds TLR, releases IL-1, induces fever
  5. Exotoxins
    • secreted or released by the bacteria
    • aka extracellular toxins
    • most are A-B toxins: made up of an A component (has the action, causes the toxicity) and a B component (binds to the receptor)
  6. Who discovered anti-toxin antibody therapy
    • Emil Behring
    • horse serum, diphtheria toxin, passive immunity
  7. Mechanism for neurotoxins blocking neurotransmitter release
    • for normal release, translocating of transmitter-filled vacuole requires protein tag v-snare on the vacuole and t-snare, which is the receptor to v-snare and locates on the terminal membrane.
    • the toxins cleave off v- and/or t-snares, preventing the release.
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