Nervous System

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  1. Medulla oblongata
    La médula oblongata
  2. Musculocutaneous nerve
    El nervio musculocutáneo
  3. Radial nerve
    El nervio radial
  4. Ulnar nerve
    El nervio cubital
  5. Median nerve
    El nervio mediano
  6. Sciatica nerve
    El nervio ciático
  7. Common fibular nerve
    El nervio perneo común
  8. Posterior tibial nerve
    El nervio tibial posterior
  9. Deep fibular nerve
    El nervio perneo profundo
  10. Superficial fibular nerve
    El nervio peroneal superficial
  11. Cerebral hemisphere
    El hemisferio cerebral
  12. Cervical plexus
    El plexo cervical
  13. Brachial plexus
    El plexo braquial
  14. Intercostal nerve
    El nervio intercostal
  15. Lumbar plexus
    El plexo lumbar
  16. Sacral plexus
    El plexo sacro
  17. Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
    El nervio cutáneo femoral lateral
  18. Femoral nerve
    El nervio femoral
  19. Pudendal nerve
    El nervio pudendo
  20. Obturator nerve
    El nervio obturador
  21. Lateral ventricles (brain)
    Ventrículos laterales
  22. Anterior horn of lateral ventricle (brain)
    Cuerno anterior del ventrículo lateral
  23. Interventricular foramen
    Foramen interventricular
  24. Third ventricle
    Tercer ventrículo
  25. Infundibular recess
    Receso infundibular
  26. Inferior horn of lateral ventricle
    Cuerno inferior del ventrículo lateral
  27. Subarachnoid space
    Espacio subaracnoideo
  28. Posterior horn of lateral ventricle
    Cuerno posterior del ventrículo lateral
  29. Cerebral aqueduct
    Acueducto de Silvio (cerebral)
  30. Fourth ventricle
    Cuarto ventrículo
  31. Thalamus
    El tálamo
  32. Frontal lobe
    El lóbulo frontal
  33. Temporal lobe
    El lóbulo temporal
  34. Pituitary gland
    La glándula pituitaria

    La hipófisis
  35. Parietal lobe
    El lóbulo parietal
  36. Pineal gland
    La glándula pineal
  37. Occipital lobe
    El lóbulo occipital
  38. Cerebellum
    El cerebelo
  39. Spinal cord
    La médula espinal
  40. Cerebral cortex
    Corteza cerebral
  41. Hypothalamus
  42. Alzheimer's disease
    Enfermedad de Alzheimer

    a group of disorders involving the parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language
  43. Anencephaly

    -the congenital absence of the cranial vault, with the cerebral hemispheres completely missing or reduced to small masses

    -the congenital absence of most of the brain and spinal cord
  44. Bell's palsy
    Parálisis de Bell

    the temporary paralysis of the seventh cranial nerve that causes paralysis only on the affected side of the face
  45. Brain abscess
    Absceso cerebral

    • -a localized bacterial infection within the brain 
    • -sources of bacteria can include: middle ear infection, sinus infection, or abscessed tooth
  46. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Sindrome del tunel carpiano 

    • -swelling that creates pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel 
    • -compression of the median nerve that causes pain, numbness, and tingling of the thumb side of the hand
    • -common in middle-aged women
  47. Cerebral contusion
    Contusión cerebral

    brushing of the brain tissue as the result of a head injury that causes the brain to bounce against the skull
  48. Cerebral Palsey
    Parálisis cerebral

    a condition characterized by poor muscle control, spasticity, and other neurological deficiencies
  49. Concussion
    Conmoción cerebral

    a violent shaking up or jarring of the brain
  50. Electromyogram

    a diagnostic test that measures the electrical activity within muscle fibers in response to nerve stimulation
  51. Epilepsy

    a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent episodes of seizures of varying severity
  52. Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)
    Punción lumbar

    the process of obtaining a sample of cerebrospinal fluid by inserting a needle into the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region in order to withdraw fluid
  53. Meningitis

    inflammation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord
  54. Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    Esclerosis múltiple

    a progressive autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation that causes the demyelination of the myelin sheath of the nerves
  55. Paraplegia

    paralysis of both legs and the lower part of the body
  56. Parkinson's disease
    Enfermedad de Parkinson

    a chronic, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by fine muscle tremors, rigidity, and a slow or shuffling gait
  57. Poliomyelitis


    a highly contagious viral infection of the brainstem and spinal cord that sometimes leads to paralysis
  58. Quadriplegia

    paralysis of all four extremities
  59. Seizures

    a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain that affects how a person feels or acts for a short time
  60. Spina Bifida
    Espina bifida

    a congenital defect that occurs during early pregnancy in which the spinal canal fails to close completely around the spinal cord
  61. Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Neuralgia del Trigémino 

    inflammation of the fifth cranial nerve characterized by sudden, intense, brief attacks of sharp pain on one side of the face
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