Understanding sentences

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  1. What do interactive models suggest about context effects?
    That semantic context can affect word processing before recognition
  2. What does the cohort model (Marsen-Wilson, 1987) suggest about context effects?
    there is a delay of activation for words that are semantically inappropriate
  3. What is n400? What does it mean?
    • negative polarity peaks at 400ms after onset of a stimulus. 
    • Incongruous words will increase activity.
  4. What are post-lexical effects of context?
    context effects that occur after recognition
  5. What are word association effects?
    words that frequently occur together may be connected in the lexicon (eg. doctor-nurse) so we get faster recognition in the context of the other word
  6. What is global context?
    Where the context of a whole paragraph drives priming rather than word-word connections
  7. How does dominance affect word ambiguity?
    It's easier to select a high frequency meaning (eg. writing pen vs pig pen)
  8. What is parsing?
    analysing the grammatical structure of a sentence
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