Nutrition Abnormals

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  1. Pallegra
    • Niacin deficiency
    • Pigmented scaly lesions on hands, arms, neck, and legs.
  2. Rickets
    • Vitamin D & Calcium deficiency. Disorders of cartilage cell growth. Enlargement of epiphyseal growth plates.
    • Is osteomalcia in adults.
  3. Magneta tongue
    Riboflavin deficiency
  4. Pale tongue
    Iron deficiency
  5. Beffy/red tongue
    Vitamin B deficiency
  6. Metabolic Syndrome
    • Seaquela of obesity.
    • 1)Glucose > 110
    • 2) BP >130/85
    • 3) Waist >40in men >35in women
    • 4)HDL Cholesterol <40 men <50 women
    • 5)Triglycerides >180mg
    • Mortality rate 28% adolescents & 22% adults
  7. Marasmus
    • Protein-calorie malnutrition due to inadequate intake of protein and calories, prolonged starvation.
    • Anorexia, bowel obstruction, cancer cachexia, chronic illness.
    • Weight loss, SQ fat & muscle wasting. weight <80%, creatnine <80%
  8. Kwashiorkor
    Protein malnutrition due to diets that may be high in calories but contain little or not protein. Appear well nourished or even obese. Decreased visceral protein level. Depressed immune function. Edematous.
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