Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 15

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  1. to focus all of one's thoughts or efforts on
    concentrate (verb)

    It's hard for me to concentrate on homework when I hear the kids outside.
  2. to bring or come together in one place
    concentrate (verb)

    Factories were concentrated along the east side of the Harlem River.
  3. giving total attention to something
    concentration (noun)

    Don't sing! It ruins my concentration.
  4. of increased strength or thickness
    concentrated (adjective)

    For breakfast, mix one part of concentrated orange juice to three parts water.
  5. to be about; to interest
    concern (verb)

    Homelessness is a subject that should concern everyone.
  6. to trouble or worry
    concern (verb)

    My parents are concerned about my brother's health.
  7. something that involves a person or people
    concern (noun)

    Health care is a big concern for most people.
  8. a business organization
    concern (noun)

    After college she got a job with a banking concern.
  9. to think about carefully
    consider (verb)

    Since my teaching job is a temporary one, it's time to consider what I should do next.
  10. to take into account
    consider (verb)

    Please consider my feelings when you comment on the story I wrote.
  11. to believe
    consider (verb)

    I may be only seventeen, but I consider myself an adult.
  12. to compare in order to show differences
    contrast (verb)

    Before deciding on the design for the new gym, we are going to contrast the two suggested plans.
  13. to show differences when compared
    contrast (verb)

    His actions contrast greatly with his words.
  14. a difference
    contrast (noun)

    Our new apartment is a welcome contrast to our old one.
  15. easily broken or damaged
    fragile (adjective)

    This antique chair is so fragile that it would break if anyone sat on it.
  16. something that is likely to do harm or is regarded as dangerous
    menace (noun)

    Icebergs are a menace to ships in the North Atlantic.
  17. to be a danger to; to put at risk
    menace (verb)

    The approaching hurricane menaces the entire South Carolina coast.
  18. of a time just before the present
    recent (adjective)

    The recent outbreak of measles resulted in the temporary closing of our school.
  19. something that stands for something else
    symbol (noun)

    The dove is a symbol of peace.
  20. the claw of a bird, usually one that kills animals for food
    talon (noun)

    The hawk clutched its victim firmly in its talons.
  21. something, as a prize or award, given to show success in an activity
    trophy (noun)

    The Heisman trophy is a top football honor.
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