Bishop Direct

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  1. Duties as Waitress
    • length of time at coffee shop
    • taking orders
    • delivering food
    • busing dishes
    • setting new place
  2. Place at Counter
    • Knife
    • Fork
    • Napkin Dispenser
    • Sugar Dispenser
  3. Identifying Diagram
    • Knowledge of the layout of the coffee shop
    • Accurate depiction of layout of coffee shop
    • Move to put in evidence for illustrative purposes only
  4. Setting the Scene
    • Location of counter
    • Location of kitchen
    • Location of cashier
    • Location of 12th street entrance
  5. Chronological Exam Part 1
    • Time shift began
    • Time men entered
    • Came from 12th street entrance
  6. Chronological Exam Part 2
    • Description of S1
    • tall, thin, pale
    • Description of S2
    • 3-4 inches smaller, muscular, dark
    • Refer to them as taller man and smaller man
  7. To the Counter
    • walked to counter and sat down
    • Taller sat on left of smaller
    • no one else at counter
  8. Ordering & Delivering
    • greeting
    • Taller ordered coffee and pastries
    • Smaller ordered coffee
    • two coffee cups on saucers
    • pastry dish
    • cream pitcher
  9. Leaving counter
    • Bishop said goodbye
    • walking towards counter
    • turned to kitchen to get order than took it to table
    • return to counter
  10. Talking with Thompson
    • thompson excited
    • said just been robbed by two men sitting at counter
    • thomspon runs back to call police
    • didn't bus plates so police could ID men
    • waited at rear of counter until police came
    • no one else sat at counter until police came
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