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  1. What BISMP feature will no longer be found in the AISMP security pit
    The secondary door raise, lower, off, and access shaft light switch
  2. Opening the primary door is only possible if the ______ is working
  3. what BISMP secondary door top operation would not be preformed after AISMP install
    Manually retracting the lock bolts
  4. What must first be verified before the secondary door can be secured
    Both combo locks are operational
  5. After the timer what SARC commanded operations must occur to lower the secondary door: retracting the______, ______
    ALB and lock bolts
  6. what MSB maintained equipment is required to pen an AISMP site but not BISMP
  7. how do you enter EMA into enhanced maintenance mode
    set SDCA to maintenance and engage gearbox safety pin
  8. which SDCA panel houses timer circuits that provide control of the site pen delay timer and security pin timer
    Back panel
  9. at a BISMP LF it is important to switch the secondary control switch in the sec. pit to off before entering the LER because the ......
    EMLA selector switch would only be able to reverse the motion of the secondary door
  10. which EMA component is partially charged by the lowering of the secondary door and supplements LF commercial power to raise the secondary door
  11. which EMA component may use commercial or AUX power to run the EMA
  12. the hydraulic ram assists with opening the Launcher closure door by______
    forcing the lock pin down
  13. the purpose for making reference points on the launcher closure rail is to ______
    permit recovery strap installation to the cable pin underneath  the LC door to stop it at certain points
  14. during forced entry EMT begins repair actions on the faulty combo lock assembly after the ____ has been completed
    the SCS is installed
  15. what would be reported to the LCC if there was an attempt to unlock the security pit vault door
    IZ alarm
  16. how many AC generators does the MAF MG have
  17. what wing 3 and 5 LCC has no more than 10 storage batts connected in series parallel
    primary LCC
  18. the battery charger for the MAF batts is contained in the _____
    power supply group
  19. what wing 1 LF sec. system feature does not exist at wings 3 and 5
    OZ switch loop
  20. how are the batts configured at all wing 1 LCCs
    eight pairs off batts connected in series parallel
  21. what power output does the DEU produce at wings 3 and 5 LF in the event of commercial power failure.
    120/208 VAC 3 phase 60 HZ only
  22. what component installed on the MAF MG is not installed on the LF MG
    60 Hz generator
  23. when the D box connects ordinance devices in order to test loads this means the _____
    missile is ready for launch signals
  24. the lcc i box provides and interface between the ____ and electronic equipment
    ESAs and electronic equipment
  25. what components of an ESA module limit the current entering the system during a surge condition
    20 Ohm resisters
  26. what feature prevents cables from being damaged when the shock mounted floor moves
    shock loops
  27. what LF Ibox component device will only be used in the LF its designed for due to signal distribution
    Sorting plug
  28. what device in the LF Ibox protects against undesirable signals which may have been picked up on the HICS
    pulse suppressor assembly
  29. what EFA is located outside the ESA vault protects the security lines
    F-1343/GSW-13 URD 10443
  30. EMI filtering for the ICBM  AISMP secondary door is through what
    4 ESAs
  31. which weapon system control console component will provide an indicator for a fire alarm
    aux alarm panel AAP
  32. what processes the commands and provides reports of missile and ground equipment status during ground operations
    Digital Computer Unit (DCU)
  33. what LF component contains digital data line scanning, seize and lockout circuits
    message processor drawer
  34. what LF drawer would you connect a controller monitor to in order to accomplish tape loading procedures
    g and c coupler drawer
  35. what LF drawer contains EMP sensing circuitry
    UHF drawer
  36. under what conditions will a LCC register another lcc being down
    failing to transmit proper OSI for 240 seconds
  37. what provides the mechanism for encrypting and decrypting messages in the command and control system
  38. what is permitted if a LF does not register a valid encrypted OSI for 240 seconds
    ALCC command entry
  39. how many gallons of coolant does the guidance section liquid cooler store
  40. in addition to GMR 25 what else will be reported to the LCC when MGS reaches 80 degrees F
    nothing else
  41. aside from hydraulic lines, what is the last component in the guidance section liquid cooler the coolant flows through before entering the MGS
    Control Valve
  42. a decrease in thermistor resistance would indicate what in the MGS
    a temperature increase
  43. during power applied check out what action, if an, is required if the red NO-GO indicator on the amp illuminates
    shut down the mgs manually
  44. what minuteman system monitors the missile functional profromance, provides signals and ground power, maintains the liquid coolant, and the environmental control required to sustain missile operation until launch
  45. what doesn't require a controller monitor start up
    psdu repair 
    g and c drawer swap
    rs maintenance 
    msg replacement
    rs maintenance
  46. during dcu memory loading where is the program data contained before it is loaded into the dcu memory
    Magnetic Tape Cartridge
  47. why is OGE and AVE startup normally not required during code change
    its already in strat alert
  48. dcu program loading requires the use of a cartridge tape unit, controller monitor, and _____, _______
    cable set and lflc
  49. if an ERROR indicator-on-condition and output status of the CTU is parity error stop, which of the following was un successful 
    tape load
    ctu self test
    conditioning cycle 
    trade track id block readout
    conditioning cycle
  50. the tape id block tells the operator that the tape cartridge is for a particular _____
  51. how does the CTU determine when the end-of-file is reached
    early warning hole is detected
  52. the cmsc consists of how many digits
  53. when does the DCU exit into strat alert
    after the operator initiates the system into compute
  54. what indicates the battery has already been turned on and the SRAM contains stored data during DCU initialization sequence
    a battery flag discrete set false
  55. what are two alignment modes available during ground initialization in the minuteman system
    initial and restart
  56. what is the launch readiness mode of the guidance- control system
    strat alert
  57. who is required to remove or install the operational keying variable
    authorized code handling team
  58. what division of STRATCOM is the primary median for transmitting EAM's
  59. the SACCS desktop terminal is the primary input/output terminal that _____
    provides message entry and delivery
  60. which line is dedicated to the LCC and cannot be utilized by anyone but a MCCM
    dial line 1
  61. the hardened voice channel is a hard communications system, meaning that the system is ______
    shielded from EMP
  62. which of the following is not one of the operational computer programs of the rapid message processor ?
    comm integrator 
    transmission integrator 
    message formatting
    message processor
    message formatting
  63. what comm systems topside equipment is designed to survive nearest neighbor nuclear attack and high-altitude  EMP pin down
  64. how are LCC operators notified when they receive an EAM
    by audible and visual devices
  65. during which mode does the transfer relay in the radio frequency  shelf assembly switch its input from the system antenna to a dummy load
    test mode
  66. how many primary operating channels are available on the VLF radio
  67. why is the SLFCS antenna installed underground
    to ensure survivability
  68. up to how many different channel-code-to-frequency-code conversions may be selected using the electronic frequency converter
  69. what is fastened to the top of the steel shell of the UHF antenna
    a fiberglass weather-dome
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