Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 16

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  1. a flower
    blossom (noun)

    The white orange blossom stands out against the dark green leaves.
  2. to come into bloom
    blossom (verb)

    Dogwood trees blossom in May.
  3. to develop
    blossom (verb)

    After two years of playing small play parts, she blossomed into a star on the Broadway stage.
  4. the time at the end of the day just before dark
    dusk (noun)

    The streetlights go on at dusk.
  5. to put out, as a fire or a light
    extinguish (verb)

    The sign at the campsite said, "Before leaving, make sure that you extinguish your campfire."
  6. often seen or experienced; known
    familiar (adjective)

    I was happy to see a familiar face in the crowd.
  7. having a good knowledge of
    familiar (adjective)

    Dan read about it in the newspaper and is familiar with the case.
  8. to gain or get by making an effort
    obtain (verb)

    We were lucky to obtain tickets for the hockey game because they sold out very quickly.
  9. a place where fruit trees grow
    orchard (noun)

    Every fall my brother and I go to an orchard where you can pick your own apples.
  10. to say or do over and over in order to get better at something
    practice (verb)

    If you practice Spanish everyday, you should be able to get along when you go to Mexico.
  11. to do; carry on, perform
    practice (verb)

    He was raised from an early age to practice politeness.
  12. to work at as a profession (job)
    practice (verb)

    Aunt Mary is licensed to practice law in both California and Nevada.
  13. a repeated action or usual way of doing something
    practice (noun)

    It's my mother's practice to swim thirty laps every morning.
  14. the work of a profession
    practice (noun)

    The practice of medicine has recently undergone many changes.
  15. to cut off branches
    prune (verb)

    We had to prune the bushes so we could see out the window.
  16. a dried plum
    prune (noun)

    Elijah usually soaks the prunes overnight and serves them for breakfast.
  17. shabby and worn-out
    threadbare (adjective)

    The threadbare blankets on the bed failed to keep us warm during the night.
  18. to go from place to place with no plan or purpose in mind
    wander (verb)

    We wandered around downtown, waiting for the post office to open.
  19. to slip easily off the subject; to fail to work in a normal way
    wander (verb)

    Luke tried to concentrate on his math homework, but his mind began to wander.
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