Psych of Personality Final

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  1. What are the three types of child-parent interactions identified by mary ainsworth called?
    • 1. secure
    • 2. anxious-ambivalent
    • 3. avoidant
  2. In recent years attachment researchers found it useful to divide attachment styles in which of the following two dimensions?
    fear of abandonment and fear of closeness
  3. The neofreudian teorist who employed the concept of "womb envy" to counteract Freud's concept of "penis envy"?
    Karen Horney
  4. According to Jung, the part of the mind in which a person's inferior function is located is the?
    Personal unconscious
  5. Which personality theorist believed that a person's birth order had a strong influence on one's personality?
    Alfred Adler
  6. Teleology is?
    means that a person's present behavior is determined by one's future goals
  7. Within the concept of object relations theory, an object is most commonly a child's?
  8. Personality develops throughout the whole lifespan of an individual, and that at each successive phase of life a person finds oneself confronted with new issues he or she must resolve, Whose theory is this?
    Erik Erikson
  9. Ego personality emphasizes the fact that?
    that the ego has its own energy which is confronted with new issues he or she must resolve
  10. the concept of ______ was suggested by the ego psychologist Robert White to replace Freud's concept of ______.
    competence motivation and sublimation
  11. The Myers-Briggs Type indicator is a ?
    personality test developed to measure Jung's personality typologies
  12. Because of feelings of physcial inferiority a very short man becomes a great mathematician. What is the defense mechanism used?
  13. According to Jung, the major roles of the unconscious (personal and collective) are?
    prospective and compensatory
  14. For Adler, the term Gemeinschaftsgefuhl represent what?
    social interest
  15. The major concepts Jung employed to explain individual differences in personality are?
    the functions and the attitudes of introversion/extroversion
  16. The two basic reasons for an individual having difficulty leaving a psychosexcual stage of development and developing a fixation are?
    over gratification and deprivation
  17. Defense mechanisms are?
    strategies employed by the ego to avoid or control anxiety
  18. According to Freud, the order in which the three parts of the personality evolve is?
    id, ego, superego
  19. Freud conceptualized the superego as consisting of which of the following components?
    the person's conscience and ego-ideal
  20. What term did freud use to describe the boy's hostility toward his father and sexual feelings toward his mother?
    oedipus complex
  21. the content of the actual dream the patient tells his psychiatrist (in other words, he and his mistress going to Africa on a safari and getting killed by a lion) is the ____ of the dream?
    manifest dream content
  22. the interpretation of the patient's dream by the psychiatrist (in other words, the mistress representing his mother and the lion his father) is the ____ of the dream?
    latent dream concept
  23. Which of the following is often referred to as the "healthy" defense mechanism, since Freud believed it was responsible for productive human behavior?
  24. According to Freud, the order in which the psychosexual stages of development in early childhood evolve is?
    Oral, anal, phallic
  25. Freud believed that the observations of himself and other clinicians were sufficient to demonstrate the validity of psychoanalytic theory (true or false)
  26. In Fred's final model of instincts (described in his book Beyond the Pleasure principle), the two primal instincts he identified were?
    the life/sexual instinct and the death instinct
  27. According to Freud, a person's sexual preference is determined during which of the following psychosexual stages?
  28. According to Freud the ____ is the royal road to the unconscious?
  29. a man who is afraid to express anger toward his boss goes home and yells at his child. This illustrates the defense mechanism of?
  30. Repetition compulsion is a concept employed by Freud to?
    provide evidence for the death instinct
  31. Which of the following models of personality articulates a viewpoint that is most consistent with the idea that personality becomes fixed or stable, and once the latter occurs it is extremely difficult to change an individual's personality?
  32. The British philosopher John Locke's concept of the tabula rasa reflects the viewpoint underlying the _____ model of personality?
  33. The term "positive psychology" focuses on issues and behaviors that are most relevant to which of the following models of personality?
  34. The term phenomenology or phenomenal field refers to?
    the subjective experience a person has of the world
  35. the behavioral model states that the personologists should only study ______ behavior. Because of the latter, the behavioral model rejects the psychoanalytical model, since the latter model considers unconcious motivation, which represents ______ behavior.
    overt, covert
  36. The "anal triad" associated with OCD consists of?
    Pedantry, frugality, and orderliness
  37. Whereas a very sloppy, disorganized, often tardy person is often referred to as an anal _____, a very neat organized, punctual person is often referred to as an anal ____
    expulsive, retentive
  38. Employing the categorization system for data (described by David Funder and in the class handout) the number of words a student is able to recall within the framework of participating as a subject in psychology experiment represents what type of data?
    B data
  39. Employing the categorization system of data, your score on the TCO/ anal personality scale represents what type of data?
    S data
  40. Wploying the categorization system for data, if your best friend rates you with respect to how conscientious he or she perceives you to be, the latter represents what type of data?
    I data
  41. The trait measured by the NEO-PI which is most closely related to the degree to which a person is an anal personality is?
  42. The personality theorist who first identified the anal personality was?
    Sigmund Freud
  43. The behavior associated with a person who received a high score on the personality trait/type referred to in the previous question are?
    neat, organized, punctual
  44. if the correlations obtained from student between all four measures of the degree to which a person was an anal personality were close to +1 it would be evidence for the _____ validity of the anal personality trait
    convergent validity
  45. The use of personality tests by a company to evaluate the conscientiousness of potential employees would exemplify the application of the ____ method of personality, whereas the use of voluminous biographical information obtained for all prospective employees would exemplify the application of the ____ method pf personality
    Nomathetic, idiographic
  46. The fact that the personalities of adopted childern are more similar to the personalities of their biolgoical parents and biological siblings than the personalities of their adopted parents or siblings is viewed as evidence of the importance of the ______ contribution to personality
  47. Studies on the relative impact on heredity versus environment on personality predict that if a personality trait is inherited the concordance rate for that trait for ____ twins should be higher than the concordance rate for ____ twins
    monozygotic, dizygotic
  48. in her 1998 book the nurture assumption judith rich harris stated that:
    children's personalities are more influenced by their peer group than their parents
  49. Eugenics is?
    selective breeding in order to optimize the desirable characteristics of a species
  50. ____ was a british psychologist who during the middle 1900s published many studies supporting the overwhelming role of heredity over environment in determining intelligence. His research, which was based on studies employing twins as subjects was subsequently challenged and he was accused of academic fraud
    Cyril Burt
  51. The case of the wild child could be interpreted as illustrating the impact of ____ on personality development
    deprivation and or abuse during critical periods in early childhood
  52. The case of the wild child illustrated the limitations of the ____ method of study?
    case study
  53. Based on what the instructor in this course said during a class lecture, the big 5 trait one would be least likely to apply to a nonhuman species?
    openness to experience
  54. When the terms precision vs relevance are employed in reference to different research methods, the two elements that comprise the concept of precison are?
    control and quantification
  55. WHereas the experimental method of research sacrafices ____, the case-study method/natualistic observation sacrafices ___
    relevance for precision, precision for relevance
  56. Which of the following research methods is best suited to answer a question involving cause and effect regarding human behavior?
    experimental method
  57. A personologist who says that personality is a function of both heredity and environment and is not due exclusively to either one is articulating an?
    interactionist explanation of behavior
  58. in the case of the critical issues in personality assignment filled out by student's in this course, the majority of the students said they believed a person's behavior is more a function of?
    • environment than heredity¬†
    • situational factors than traits
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