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  1. Indication for tpa in MI i.e STEMI
    • >1mm STE in 2 contiguous leads except V2-V3
    • V2-V3- men >40 2mm <40yo-2.5mm, in women 1.5
  2. When is TWI significant
    only if QRS is positive
  3. 4 reasons for Urology consult for stones
    • stone >10mm
    • Refractory pain
    • Sepsis
    • Renal failure
  4. Rash associated with Glucagonoma
    necrolytic migratory erythema
  5. Darier's sign
    wheals and erythema with rubbing of Mastocytosis rash
  6. Inheritance of Restless leg syndrome
    autosomal dominant
  7. in working up RLS, need to rule out what?
    anemia-do ferritin test
  8. 1st line rx for RLS
  9. Actinic keratosis is a premalignant lesion to what
  10. after ABO and Rh typing is done, what is looked at next?
    presence of allo-antibodies-usualy E, L, K
  11. Rx for AOCD
    treat underlying cause
  12. 2 conditions with elevated TSH, T4, T3?
    • thyroid hormone resistantce- usually clinically hypothyroids
    • TSH secreting pituitary neoplasm also has high alpha subunit
  13. who can get PCI and thrombolytics
    • 12 hours of symptom onset
    • 90 minutes to ballon
    • 30 mins to tPA from door to needle
  14. Common side effect of constipation in kids
    urinary retention and UTI
  15. Athletic females who have secondary amenorrhea it is because of what
    estrogen deficiency
  16. prophylaxis for latent Tb if INH resistance is suspected
    rifampin for 6 months in kids, 4 mo in adults
  17. iron supplementation is recomended for ESRD patients when
    trasnferrin saturation<30% and Ferritin <500
  18. Pheochromocytoma dx
    • urinary metanephrines and catecholamines
    • plasma metaneprhines
  19. Next stop after biochemical dx of pheo
    MRI or CT
  20. When is MIBG scan used for pheot
    if large tumor >5cm and metastatic disease is suspected
  21. Blood Pressure management in aortic dissection vs pheochromocytoma
    • aortic dissection-BB then alpha
    • pheo-alpha then bb
  22. suicide while on lithium, stop or continue lithium
  23. Rx after chlamydia was given for urethritis but with no success
    flagyl for trichomonas
  24. hairloss and scaling + postauricular lymphadenopathy
    tinea capitis- oral griseofulvin
  25. + tourniquet test
    Dendgue fever
  26. First enzyme to rise in Mi
  27. Best enzyme to follow for re-infarction
  28. When to do Exercise thallium or stress echo
    can exercise but baseline abnormal EKG
  29. When to do adenosine thallium or dobutamine echo
    cannot exercise
  30. When is sestamibi nuclear stress test done
    in obese patients
  31. Thallium is like what electrolyte
  32. Who gets ADP blockers
    everytone getting angioplasty and stent
  33. Door to ballon time
    90 minutes
  34. who gets PCI and thrombolytics
    • acute CP < 12 hours
    • STE in 2 continugous leads of 1mm or more except for V2-V3-
    • if <40-2.5 in men
    • >40 2mm in men
    • women
  35. what properties do BB have
    anti-anginal and anti-arrhythmic
  36. ACEI and ARB decrease mortality only when
    when there is LV dysfunction or systolic dysfnx
  37. when is lidocaine or amiodarone given in acute mi
    if vtach or vfib
  38. when is pacing done in acute mi
    • 3rd degree av block
    • 2nd degree type 2 block
    • symptomatic bradyacardia
    • bifascicular block
    • new LBBB
  39. Side effect of ticlopidine
  40. complications of MI all cause?
  41. NSTEMI vs STemi diff
    heparin and GpIIb/IIIa abxicimab, eptifibatide, tirofiban
  42. Risk factors in lipid management
    • Smoking
    • HDL is low
    • Age males >45, females >55
    • FH
    • HTN
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