Cpp2 Test1

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  1. Why do we modularize functions?
    Organize, compartmentalize, reduces the amount of code, easier for maintenance
  2. What is meant by the term black box?
    No need to know how a function works, only need to know input and output
  3. Give an example of a highly cohesive function.
    A function that does one task
  4. Can a function be coded inside main()?
  5. What does a name getAmountAndCalcTotalAndPrintValue tell you?
    2. not cohesive, probably has more than one task
  6. What is the void function format?
    • void functionName() // header
    • {
    • Stmt(s); //body of function
    • }
  7. what is the prototype format?
    void functionName(data types);
  8. What are some possible function calls?
    functionsName(parameters); or variable=functionName(parameters)
  9. what is a void function?
    1. a function that does not receive or return a value.
  10. what is a void returning function?
    1. a function that does not return a value.
  11. If the prototype is global, where does it appear in your code?
    Before main
  12. Given the following prototype: double getValidHours(); Write the statement that will call the function. Declare any variables you use.
    double hours=getValidHours();
  13. Given the function call: int age=getValidAge(); Write the prototype for the function.
    Int getValidAge();
  14. Given an example of a function that has a coupling problem?
    A function that receives parameters it doesn’t use
  15. Write a function called printNumbSquared that will print a number passed to it times itself. 3. Write the prototype for printNumbSquared function.
    • void printNumbSquared (int number)
    • {
    • cout << number*number;
    • }
    • 3. void printNumbSquared (int);
  16. Other Boolean functions that are useful
    • bool isalpha(char); checks if char is A-Z or a-z
    • bool isalnum(char); checks if A-Z,a-z or 0-9
    • bool isdigit(char); checks if 0-9
    • bool islower(char); checks if lower case
    • bool isupper(char); checks if upper case
  17. What must be done in VS to open a file?
    In the Solution Explorer, right click on Resources Files. Add a new item as text file (.txt). Call it dates.dat.
  18. What code is needed to work with files?
    • ifstream fin("dates.dat");
    • #include
    • if (!fin.is_open())
    • {
    • cout << "file dates.dat could not open" << endl;
    • system("pause");
    • exit(-1);
    • }
    • getline(fin, name);
    • if (fin.eof())
    • fin >> gender >> age;
    • fin.ignore(80, '\n');
  19. function header, call, prototype look like
    • int addAtStart(string[], char[], int[], int);
    • length = addAtStart(name, gender, age, length);
    • int addAtStart(string name[], char gender[], int age[], int length)
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