USTEP3 day 8

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  1. confirmation of pregnancy at how many weeks and what beta hug level
    presence of gestational sac 5 weeks and 1500 units
  2. how to counsel pregnant patient
    type " counsel patient, pregnancy
  3. fetal heart sounds are heard when
    1o weeks
  4. first semester tests
    • CBC
    • T and S/direct and indirect coombs
    • pap smear
    • ua/urine culture
    • syphilis
    • his
    • chlamydia/gonorrhea
    • rubella, hepatitis b
  5. if mother is anti-rh negative next step
    give rhogam at 28 weeks
  6. next step if rubella antibody negative
    give rubella vaccine after delivery
  7. neisseria grows on what agar
    chocolate agar
  8. pt with abnormal maternal alpha feet protein
    get ultrasound to confirm gestational age
  9. how are the markers in downs syndrome
    • bhcg and Inhibin are high
    • msalfp and estriol are low
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