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  1. Yaacov AgamImage Upload
    Born in 1928

    Born in Israel

    Seen as one of the founders of Kinetic Art

    Currently constructing a museum in Israel in dedication to his life and art.

    Agam's work is featured in places around the world like Villa Regina in Miami, Agam Fountain in Fountain in France, a fountain in Tel-Aviv City Centre and in Michigan.

    2010 - Sotheby's auctioned off a piece of his art for $698,000.

    1980 - Commissioned for one-man retrospective at Guggenheim Museum NYC.

    He is the creator if his own medium called the Agamograph, using a series of images viewed through a lenticular lense.

    Commissioned by French Republic President Pompidou to create the "Elyssee Salon" in the Pompidou Museum.
  2. Image UploadEmille Bellet
    Born in 1941

    Born in France

    Uses a pallet knife to create to his works.

    His works are mostly elongated figures of woman, without faces.

    Works usually feature a white line in the left side of the artwork.

    Works represents the all encompassing beauty of the female and all-round femininity.

    He excels at Lithography and uses same studio as Marcell Mouly.

    He is self tough artist from age 5.

    First exhibition at age 19.

    He paints "en-plein-air" ( he paints outide in the open) similar van Gogh used to.

    1978 he completed stained glass windows in church in Port de Bouc, France, the work is called :Notre Dame de Bon Voyage" which means Our Lady of Happy Travels"

    He had exhibitions in France, Senegal, Switzerland and Japan with permanent exhibitions in France.
  3. Andrew BoneImage Upload
    Born 1957

    Born Zimbabwe

    Lives South Africa

    Self-taught artist

    Before his art career he was a game wildlife guide and conservationist.

    He paints wildlife animals in life-like portraits.

    He says if you havent saved it, chased by it or studied it you cant paint.

    He does not paint domesticated animals.
  4. Image UploadRomero Britto
    Born  in 1963

    Born in Brazil

    Creates Pop Art / Pop Art-Cubism

    His work is displayed in more than 140 countries

    His works are colorful and vibrant and portray Happiness, LOve and warmth.

    He was commissioned to do work for Absolut Vodka and this boosted his career where he soon created works IBM, Pepsi, Grand Marnier, Mini-Cooper and NFL Pre--show.

    Collectors of his art are: Andre Agassis, Schwarzeneggar Family, former museum director of Whiteny Houston Museum, The Kennedies and Micheal Jordan.

    Worked with Cirque de Soleil to turn Miami Dolphin stadium into a giant Britto canvass.
  5. Image UploadSimon Bull
    Born  1958

    Lives UK

    Usually paints subject in nature like flowers etc.

    Vibrant, lively  and colorful.

    age 18 had first one-man exhibition in Hong Kong

    2000 - awarded top selling print artist in UK.

    2007 - commissioned to produce series of paintings of Mohammed Ali Centre.

    2009 -  Commissioned by Mohamed Ali to produce dual portrait of Mohammed Ali and Barak Obama as a gift to the new president.
  6. Image UploadAlexander Chen
    Born 1952

    Born in China

    Renowned for painting city views and landscapes.

    His works are usually famous landmarks liek time-square etc, and contains a lot of detail, including people and signboards etc.

    He views his paintings a a dictionary of the past, a time capsule so people int he future can see what was life today.

    He refers to his works as Hyper-Realism.

    HE was stage painter for 6 years for the China State Theatre and this led to him painting everything today in great detail.

    He visits all cities before he paints them so he can get a "feel" for them.

    2008 official artisst for Beijing Olympic Games and Vanvouve Games too.

    He has been commisioned by Toshiba, Unicef, NW Airlines and owners of time square.
  7. Image UploadHua Chen
    Born in 1952

    Born in China

    Official painter for 2008 Beijing Games.


    Various one-man exhibitions around the world and permanent exhibition in National Art Museum China.

    Known for capturing the female form in ethereal style and also often musical or sports figures, all mostly feminine subjects.

    Influenced by Degal, Renoir, Lautrec and Manet.
  8. Image UploadAutumn de Forest
    Born 2001

    Born in USA


    Expressionist / Abstract

    Started at age 5 by accidetn in fathers garage.

    Age 7 sole her first painting for $1000

    Age 8 sold  a collection at auction for $100,000.

    She has a passion for expressing subliminal messages in her art and also has a passion for philanthropy.

    She has aided many causes like Haiti and Japan.

    She was featured on numerous television documentaries and is seen is a art-genius or prodigy.

    She is inspired by Picasso, And Warhol, Matisse, Grant Wood and Jackson Pollock.
  9. Image UploadChris DeRubeis
    Born 1978

    Born USA

    At age 11 his grandfather gave him an airbrush and was amazed at his works. His grandfather said he was the artist he always wanted to be.

    Airbrushing on T-shirts was his 1st means of making money.

    His canvasses are usually metal, completed by using powertool on it, paints, chemicals, heat, cold and airbrush to create the end-product.

    Many artists have tried to recreated his work but haven't done so, Chris views his method as a secret.

    His works is characterized bu its shiny / glossy appearances that changes colour or view as the viewer moves around it.

    In 2005 he received a nomination for the 1st annual art awards.
  10. Image UploadDuaiv
    Born 1952

    Born in France , Imigrated to US.

    From young age he was interested in art but his father wanted him to study music. So he studied both.

    Today he has sessions called happenings where he performs the cello and then also creates art.

    His works are usually bright and virbrant, and often includes musical traits in his works.

    At age 25 he met and became friends with Salvidor Dali who advised and guided him.

    Commissioned for 50th Cannes Film festival to paint sides of two buses. The sides of buses have been removed and hangs on the transport museum today.

    2006 Entered in the Benezit Dictionary for top artist of the world.

    His work can be seen on some vehicles aroudn Miami including a Porsche and Lamborgini.

    2006 - Awarded Commander of order of the star of Europe by prince Denmark for his involvement and furthering art in younger people.

    He is inspired by Manet, Cezanne and Vermeer.
  11. ErteImage Upload
    Born 1892

    Born in Russia lived in France from young age.

    Most well known for his influences during the art-deco age and fashion as we know it today.

    Designed 250 magazine covers for Harpers Bazaar, Fashion items for Hollywood Movies and many other products and magazines.

    His works are elegant and sophisticated.

    He says his works in Theratre and interior design is all based on fantasy.

    His works are displayed in museums around the world including 1999 Tokyo Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum.
    Image Upload
    • Born 1968
    • Born in Detroit
    • Worked on assembly line day time and created art at night.
    • He uses different papers & fabrics to create his textures and art.
    • His works often features woman and Jazz due the positive influences both had on his life.
    • His works features floorboards to remind him to stay grounded.
    • Youngest african american cartoonist for Detroit Times.
    • Youngest cartoonist for Detroit Times.
    • Has a piece on perm exhibition at Charles Museum for African American History in Detroit.
    • Works collected in over 70 countries.
    • 2014 - Commissioned for Grammy Awards.
  13. Alfred GockelImage Upload
    • Born 1952
    • Born in Germany
    • Age 8 created his first Graphic Work.
    • Sold over 100,000,000 posters and open ended editions.
    • Age 11 worked in a coal mine, so father gave him watercolors as stress outlet.
    • Works are bright and colorful
    • Works focus on the subject and not so much the background.
    • 2006 - Commissioned by Olympic Games in Turin.

    • Met Dali at young age who motivated him.
    • His works are distinctly his own.
    • Inspired by Dali, Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky.
  14. Michael GodardImage Upload
    • Born: 1958
    • Lives: Canada
    • Owns: his own art gallery in Vancouver
    • Works Feature: Olives & Strawberries in human actions
    • Appeared: on numerous TV shows including Chris Angel.
    • Philanthropist: Cancer - Daughter died from cancer.t
    • Works Feature: wine glasses or martini glasses
    • Hidden messages: texts, or inverted images in works.
    • Owners: 50 Cent and Ozzie Osbourne
    • Also hangs: in officers lounge in Pentagon.
    • Known as: Rock Star of the Art World.
  15. Maya Green Image Upload
    • Born: 1957
    • Immigrated: Israel
    • Style: Impressions
    • Uses: Pallet Knife
    • Influenced by: Matisse & van Gogh
    • Enjoys: Capturing a moment, as if you can hear and feel it
    • Private Collections: Russia, Israel, Japan, USA, Sotland
  16. Patrick Guyton Image Upload
    • Born: 1964
    • Technique 1: 14'th century Chinese leafing. - real gold leafs, paper-thin, stuck on the canvass then ...
    • Flemish Glazing: painted over it with layers of transparent paints.that to create vivid colors.
    • Result: very elegant, and sophisticated appearance, and this technique lends its hand to giving elements of a photo,. looking real somewhat.
  17. Slava ILyayevImage Upload
    • Born: 1970
    • Born: in Azerbaijan
    • Immigrated: to Israel
    • Style: Impressionist
    • Method: Pallet Knife
    • Features: Tree-lined street
    • Features: Deep Texture and depth
    • Traits: Bright Colours and Virbant
    • 1999: Had his 1st exhibition Sculpture Museum Tel-Aviv
    • Exhibition: USA, Israel, Turkey & Spain
    • Community: Art Teacher art art academies
  18. Scott JacobsImage Upload
    • Born: 1958
    • Lives: USA, San Diego
    • Style: Photo-Realistic
    • Graphic Style: Giclee
    • Features: Motor Cycles, Cars, Wine
    • Method: Uses small fine paint brush size of pen tip.
    • Commissioned: Owner of Forbes Magazine
    • Licensed: by Elvis Presley & Marilyn Monroe Estates
    • Official Artist: Harley Davidson & Corvette
    • Age 19: Owned his first art gallery
    • Movie: Acted in movie called Biker Dreams about his life as a biker.
    • Production Time: 100hrs to produce a unique work
  19. Mark Kanovich Image Upload
    • Born: 1970
    • Born: Georgia ( Small country in Europe)
    • Immigrated: Israel
    • Style: Painter & Sculptor
    • Studies: Avni Institute
    • Inspired by: Cheval
    • Friends / Mentors: Works daily with Agam, Wolfsen, Najar and Tarkay until Tarkey died.
    • Exhibitions: Numerous Museums and Galleries in ISrael and Jerusalem.
  20. Thomas Kinkade Image Upload
    • Born:1958
    • Born in: USA
    • Died: 2012
    • Style: "En-Plein-Air"
    • Hidden Features: Wifes Initial (Letter "N")
    • Style: Impressionist
    • Features: City Scapes and Homes
    • Features: Depicts lights in home and smoke in chimneys.
    • Method: Luminist (19th century American Style)
    • Meaning: Love, family. warmth
    • Achievements: Most widely collected artist in USA.
  21. Anatole Krasnyanski Image Upload
    • Born: 1930
    • Born in: U.S.S.R.
    • Previous Employment: Architect
    • Features: Masks & City Scapes
    • Style: Watercolor
    • Canvass: Specially produced rice paper that produce expressive abilities similar to oil paintings?
    • Style: More Abstract unless city scapes are more impressionistic.
    • Resembles: Picasso and Kandisnki
  22. Le Kinff Image Upload
    • Born: 1949
    • Born in: Paris
    • 1998: Artist for the world cup
    • 2002: Works exhibited in Japanese Museums by French Ambassador.
    • 2008: Catalog if her works published by Park West
    • 2010: Artist for Kentucky Derby
    • Achievement: Work is minted on coins in France - 1st time this is done for a living artist.
    • Subjects: Usually females
    • Style: Elegant and timeless ins tyle of her own
    • Inspired: by Matisse, Picasso, Modigliane
    • Influenced: Imagination, music, daily sightings. She does not use a model to paint.
    • Hidden: Often hides a black cat in the corner of her works.
  23. Fanch Ledan Image Upload
    • Born: 1949
    • Born in: France
    • Moved to: South of France (Picasso & Matisse also lived here) due to quality of light and colors.
    • Studied: 3 degrees in business but followed his passion in art
    • Features: Other artists paintings in his works
    • Features: Combination of imaginary (apartments) that overlooks reality (Famous landscapes like Taj Mahal etc.
    • Says: His works presents Joy and Memories of places
  24. Lebo Image Upload
    • Born: 1972
    • Lives: Miami
    • Parents from: Cuba
    • Style: Cartoonist
    • Known as: Innovator of post-modern cartoon expressionism.
    • Murals often seen: on street of Miami.
    • Commissioned: to design 3x custom gas tanks for Harley Davidson.
    • Sponsored by: Sprite and Boys & Girls club to refurbish playgrounds with his murals
    • Sponsored by: Ketel One Vodak to paint mural on Dorisso building, Miami.
    • Often performs: live painting shows
    • Commissioned: to creat album cover for Gloria Estefan.
    • Collectors Note: Park West is first entity to represent Lebo, therefore giving buyers a great collectors opportunity.
  25. Charles Lee Image Upload
    • Born: 1948
    • Born in: Korea
    • Immigrated: 1991 to USA
    • Lives in: Miami
    • Previous art sales: was exported from Korea to USA
    • Gold medal prize: won at school for international art competition
    • Two Styles: classical and modern
    • Features: Woman, Musical themes and romantic moments.
    • Description of works: classical works-  more calm & dark almost ethereal & woman with long hair. Modern day works show woman with short hair and bright colors.
    • Also uses: gold foil in his works.
    • He feels that: his subjects must look real, and show emotion in whatever action they are portrayed in.
  26. Nano Lopez Image Upload
    • Born: 1955
    • Born in: Columbia
    • Style: Sculpture
    • Method: Lost Wax Process
    • Production Time: 3-4 Months
    • Worked with: Francisco Baron on MArble, Granite and steel
    • Attended: Superior National School of Beaux, Paris
    • At young age: he closely reproduce the works of Michael Angelo and other masters.
    • Features: Usually feature numerical numbers and writing on his works.
    • Subjects: Animals called Nanimals
  27. Bernard Louedin Image Upload
    • Born: 1938
    • Born in: France
    • Style: Surrealism
    • 2002: Biography published
    • Featured in: More than a dozen books
    • Featured: 9x Monographs done his work exclusively
    • Influenced by: Greco-Roman, Flemish, Northern Renaissance, yet his work remains unique to his own.
    • Specialists: in Antaglio works, done more than 300 engravings
    • Movies: 2x movies about his life and art.
  28. Martiros Manoukian Image Upload
    • Born: 1947
    • Born in: Armenia, Mount Ararat
    • As a child: he was seen a s chil prodigy
    • At age 26: he became a member of Artist Union.
    • Graphic Works: are done by means of Serigraphy
    • 1st exhibition: sponsored by Artisit Union in Armenia
    • Traveled: and studied at art academies in Moscow
    • Inspiration: Freedom, he grew in a dark time and place.
    • Adamant: that works must portray emotion or he wont release it.
  29. Csaba Markus Image Upload
    • Born: 1953
    • Grew up: Hungary
    • Selftaught: Did not study art
    • Style: Renaissance mixed with post-impressionism
    • Technique: SFUMATO - same style as Da Vinci used. Sfumato means dissapear into smoke
    • "Pure Love" : One of his works named as one of the top 10 most sensual paintings in the world.
    • If you enjoy Da Vinci: The you will enjoy collecting Csaba Markus
    • Hand Embellishes: with 24 Karat Gold, Platinum and ground glass.
    • Graphics:are produced by Serigraphy. he produces his own silk screens.
  30. Marko Mavrovich Image Upload
    • Born: 1960
    • Grew up: California and Croatia
    • Passion for: water and became professional diver until underwater accident made him focus on art.
    • Works Feature: Water, sea, rivers etc.
    • Captured by: Yugoslav army for questioning because he was US citizen, they made him paint "life in the army"
    • Works are: Rich in color and texture and almost look alive.
    • He does not paint: what he has not experienced.
    • Self-taught: Chose to study navigation instead of art.
  31. Igor Mededev Image Upload
    • Born: 1931
    • Passed: 2015
    • Often paints: on location as he travels
    • Passion to paint: old cities / villages that are empty due to younger generation moving to big city.
    • Often paints: boats, feels there is a big connection between humans and boats.
    • Features: Strong lines and shadows to show depth and perception of his works.
    • Boats: he paints has there own persona, as he names each of them and paints with great detail.
    • Grapahic works done by Serigraphy.
  32. Peter Max Image Upload
    • Born: 1937
    • Born in: Germany
    • Grew up: Japan and across the world
    • Introduced him to art: by his Aunt in Japan who said "go wild"
    • Americas Icon Artist
    • Commissioned to paint: A few Boeing's
    •                                    Hulll of Norwegian Line's "Breakaway"
    •                                  Worlds biggest rock band stage for Woodstock
    • Official Artist for: 5 Superbowls
    •                           NFL
    •                           Indy500
    •                           US Olympics
    • Appeared on: Larry King Live
    • Created series: of works to be solf off for millions to repair Statue of Liberty
    • Painted: last 6 presidents
    • Painted work called: 44 Obamas, Obama is the 44th president
  33. Anatoly Metlan Image Upload
    • Born: 1964
    • Born in: Ukraine
    • Parents: Were both artists
    • Studied art: and first exhibition in College
    • Exhibitions: in France, USA and Israel.
    • One man shows in: NYC, LA, San Francisco
    • Loves to travel to: Italy and France, where his works often feature seascapes and vibrancy in colors.
    • Features: seacapes, landscapes and lately woman too.
    • Paints with: paint brush and then pallet knife to create depth.
  34. Michael Milkin Image Upload
    • Born: 1964
    • Born in: Ukraine
    • Trained as: Architect
    • Worked as: fine art teacher
    • Exhibited work in: UK, ISrael, Germany
    • Later only: focused on his passion for art
    • New to Park West: so great collection opportunities and pricing
    • Works are: VIBRANT and uses large brush strokes and brush and pallet knife.
    • Often uses: modelling paste to provide immense texture and depth
    • Features: Flowers, landscapes.
  35. Marcel Mouly Image Upload
    • Born: 1918
    • Passed: 2008
    • One of: World greatest 21st century modern artisits.
    • Studied and worked: with Picasso
    • Exhibited: Alongside Picasso
    • Style: Fauvism / more Cubism
    • Method: Glazing (Using translucent paints layered on top of each other to produce a Luminescent final colour)
    • Publications: 20+ books an Bio's published on his life and works.
    • Exhibits: Shown in more than 20 Musuems around world incl Museum de Art Paris, Japan, Helsinki and Bibliotheque Nationale Paris.
    • Personal: Prinsoner of war, made a chess set from bread given to him in prison. This was bought by world famous chess player.
    • Influenced by: Matisse, Picasso and Braque
  36. Leroy Nieman Image Upload
    • Born: 1921
    • Passed: 2012
    • Style: World Renowned Sports Painter.
    • Exhibitions: Around the world.
    • 1982: exhibited alongside Andy Warhol Captured: 3 times for espionage. In jail he made a chess from the bread he was given to eat.
    • Chess set sold: to world famous chess player.
    • School: Roman Catholic School - he dropped out.Let School: to join army as a cook.
    • Prior to painting: he would draw everything.
    • In army base he discovered: his love for painting. he painted sexually suggestive murals on the walls.
    • Freelance artist: doing fashion designs. he met Hugh Heffner who was working as copywriter for same magazine.
    • Heffner started magazine: Commissioned Nieman to travel to the world and do a column about Gentlemens lifestyle.
    • Achievements: Known as one of US best artists ever.
    • Featured: sport scenes, painted most o the famous sport events in his time. Super Bowl, to US Olympics, to Monaco Grand Prix and many many more...
    • Magazine Cover: Painted cover for TIME magazine
    • Friends with: M. Ali, also his confidAnt.
  37. David Najar Image Upload
    • Born: 1962
    • Lives: Israel
    • PW Relationship: One of latest artist represented. Makes him very collectable, because collector has access to artist works from early on.
    • Style: Contemporary Expressionist
    • Features: Nature mostly
    • Says he feels: close to God when in Nature
    • Technique: Uses strong brush strokes and long lines to create a deep space.
    • Personally I prefer his work that: have water featured in it, as it truly creates the feeling of space.
    • Studied with: Izchak Tarkay for 6 yrs - exchanged ideas and techniques.
  38. Peter Nixon Image Upload
    • Born: 1956
    • Born in: UK
    • Studied: Art - focusing on human elements.
    • Inspired by: Leonardo Da Vinci, and works influenced by Renaissance.
    • Features: Dancing, woman, poetry, but as long as work show human bodily movement and angles.
    • Went Venice: to Study Da Vincis works, and Bellini, Veronese and Titian.
    • Enjoys the Sfumato Technique: Leonardo's Smoke.
    • He says: its difficult to capture being in love and therefore chose his tyoe of work.
    • Experienced: Etching - done a lot of etchings
    • Overage work: Looks like mixture between sketch and painting, Renaissance style but not dreary focusing on human bodily
    • movement.
  39. Alex Pauker Image Upload
    • Born: 1974
    • Technique: Impasto + Pallet Knife
    • Features: Scenic views
    • Met his wife:when they were 15yrs old, been together always.
    • Both husband and Wife: are artists.
    • They live with their two daughter: in their studio - their house is their their studio
    • Inspiration: by his travels
    • Often paints: En-Plain- Air
    • Colours are bright and colourful.
    • Very adnvance techniques and serigraphy skills - way more than other more settled artits
    • Up and coming artist: on ef the best up and coming ue to his skills.
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