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  1. Define stress
    Any stimulus as pain or fear that disturbes or interferes with the normal psycological equalibrium of an organism and physical, mental or emotional strain or tension
  2. When is negative stress likely to occur
    When an indevidual feels inadequate about work
  3. Common physical reactions to sever or sustained stress
    Headache, lower back pain, fatigue
  4. Identify common sources of psychological stress
    Poor supervision, inadequate rewards, lack of career opportunities, excessive paper work
  5. 4 psychological reactions to severe stress
    Repression of emotion, displacement of anger, isolation, unspoken fears
  6. Methods to reduce stress
    Exercise, diet, self understanding and knowledge, increase self esteame
  7. Techniques to maintain self control in stressful situations
    • Refrain from critcism of others
    • Slow down the process
    • Give undevided attention to the problem
    • Make a determination that you work on the problem that can be solved and do not attempt to solve the unsolved
    • Listen twice as much as normal and speak less frequently
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