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  1. Hummus
    • Persian-style hummus((chickpeas, tahini, yogurt, garlic, spices), red onion, tomato and cucumber salad) with grilled pita and baked bread crisps
    • 5 oz, 2 pita (4 pieces)
    • gluten allergy
  2. tuna takaki
    • Seared, very rare sesame-crusted sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna on crispy wontons with  asian slaw (cabbage, carrots, cilantro, orange-teryaki vinaigrette, green beans, radishes, bean sprouts, pea shoots) with soy reduction and wasabi-cucumber dressing.  
    • 4 pieces
  3. spinach artichoke fondue
    • spinach, artichoke hearts, mozzarella. provolone and parmesan cheese fondue (no chx stock) served with corn tortillas.  
    • 7 oz
    • dairy and gluten allergies
  4. Cracklin' calamari
    • Calamari (squid rings) marinated in buttermilk and seasoned flour, deep fried, with banana peppers and parmesan.  Served with pomodoro sauce and chipotle aioli
    • 9 oz
    • dairy and gluten allergies
  5. buffalo calamari
    • fried calamari (squid rings) marinated in buttermilk and seasoned flour, tossed in buffalo sauce, served with blue cheese and celery
    • 9 oz
    • dairy and gluten allergies
  6. buffalo chicken eggrolls
    • diced chicken breast, mozzarella, provolone, spicy Ancho buffalo sauce fried into crispy wonton wrapper, served with sriracha.  
    • 5 eggrolls
    • dairy and gluten allergies
  7. Lobster flatbread
    • flatbread topped with lobster, bacon, brie, caramelized onions, tomato-herb pesto
    • 2 oz lobster
  8. skillet potato chips
    • thick hand-cut idaho potato chips with bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and bleu cheese bechamel layered on HOT skillet.  
    • 6oz
    • dairy, gluten allergies
  9. seafood splashdown tower
    • shrimp cocktail (4 jumbo chilled with spicy absolut cocktail sauce)
    • cracklin calamari (4-5 oz deep fried calamari with pomodoro and chipotle aioli)
    • steamed littlenecks.  
    • Shellfish, gluten and dairy allergies
  10. coconut shrimp
    • 4 coconut-breaded deep friend shrimp with thai chili sauce, lime and cilantro sprigs
    • shellfish allergy
    • 16/20
    • shellfish allergy
  11. steamed littlenecks
    • 13 steamed then sauteed littleneck clams with shallots, garlic, white wine and cherry tomatoes.
    • shellfish and dairy allergy
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