DEQ (Section 4)

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  1. Soil erosion prevention and sedimentation control requires thoughtful ______ to be effective.
  2. A SESC permit and plan is required at a minimum for all earth changes that disturb ______ or more acres or that are located within ______ feet of the water's edge of a ______ or ______.
    • One
    • 500
    • lake or stream
  3. It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to develop (or hire someone to develop) a ______ - ______ SESC plan.
    site - specific
  4. SESC plans must contain specific information.  In regards to SESC measures, the ______ and description for installing and removing all proposed temporary SESC measures must be included as well as the ______ and location of all proposed permanent SESC measures must be shown on the plan.
    • Location
    • description
  5. USGS maps are also known as ______ maps or ______ maps.
    • Quadrangle
    • topographic
  6. ______ lines connect points of equal surface elevations.
  7. The contour ______ is the vertical distance between adjacent contour
    lines on the map.
  8. A ______ is defined as the area of land that drains to a given point.
  9. The three common ways to express slope on a plan or map are as a ______, a ______ or in ______.
    • Ratio
    • percent
    • degrees
  10. ______ provides a reasonably accurate means of measuring distance.
  11. Sensitive areas include such things as ______, ______ and ______ that require special protection.
    • Lakes
    • streams 
    • wetlands
  12. Critical erosion areas are areas that are more ______ to erosion or will be ______ to stabilize.
    • Susceptible
    • difficult
  13. Each project must be ______ (and the inspections ______) by a person trained under Part 31 and 91.
  14. inspected
  15. A ______ - ______ meeting between the inspector, permittee, contractor, project engineer, and the SESC agent can eliminate many potential problems.
  16. During construction, temporary SESC measures must be ______ daily.
  17. Inspections by the SESC inspector should be both ______ and ______.
    Scheduled and unscheduled
  18. If the project is not completed and permanently stabilized before fall, ensure that ______ measures are in place and ______ throughout the winter.
    • temporary 
    • inspected
  19. SESC controls must minimize on-site ______, off-site ______, and reduce all ______ leaving the site to ______-______velocities.
    • Erosion
    • sedimentation
    • runoff
    • non-erosive
  20. Temporary control measures should be ______ and ______ prior to starting the earth change.
    • Installed
    • functional
  21. Permanent control measures should be installed as early as ______ in the construction schedule and always within ______ days after reaching final grade.
    • Possible
    • five
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