Geometry Definitons

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  1. Point:
    • Exact location
    • Ordered pair of coordinates
  2. Parallel lines
    two coplanar lines that either have no points in common or are identical
  3. Distance
    absolute value of the difference of two coordinates
  4. Convex set:
    set in which all segments connecting points of the set lie entirely in the set
  5. counterexample:
    situation where the antecedent (if part) is true but the consequent (then part) is false
  6. Converse:
    converse of P -->Q is Q -->P
  7. Midpoint:
    point on segment AB where AM = AB
  8. Circle:
    set of all points in a plane a certain distance (radius) from a certain point (center)
  9. Union:
    • AUB, is the set of elements which are either in A or in B or in both A and B
    • AnB, set of elements which are in both A and B
  10. Polygon:
    union of three or more segments in the same plane such that each segment intersects exactly two others @ their endpoints
  11. Angle:
    union of two rays that have the same endpoint
  12. Zero:
    • if and only if m=0o
    • " " 0<m<90o
    • " " m=90o
    • " " 90<m<180o
    • " " m=180o
  13. Complementary:
    • M1+M2=90o
    • M1+M2=180o
  14. Bisector:
    when an angle is split exactly in half on the interior side
  15. Proof:
    Sequence of justified conclusions, leading from the antecedent to the consequent.
  16. Slope:
  17. Perpendicular lines:
    Two segments, rays, or lines that form a 90o angle.
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