Ustep3 day 29

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  1. ehrlichosis presents
    • no rash
    • ioxedes
    • thrombo and luekopenia
  2. u get refluex in scleroderma
    yes, LES is not competent
  3. men 1, 
    men 2
    men 2 b
    • Pituitary, parathyroids, pancreatic
    • Parathyroid, pheo, medullary
    • medullary, marfanoid, pheo
  4. rx for inflammatory breast ca
    sx, radiation and cheom
  5. how to prevent leg cellulitis with bad feed, scaling
  6. rx for nodulystic severe acne
    first, tetracycline, if it fails, give isotretinoin
  7. woman with menometrorhagia i.e spotting between pediorsd, nxt step'
    biopsy to rule out cancer
  8. high uric acid after starting medications,next step
    leave it if no symptoms
  9. bleedig that is serious while on warfarin,how to reverse it?
    give Vit K and FFP
  10. what must you do before starting antidepresseant
    rule out mania-i,e eleveatd mood
  11. should kids with ADHD be includuded in special eduaction classes
  12. hyperkalemia causes shortening of what part only
    • qt,
    • it prolongs, pr, wrs and peaks t waves
  13. goal of treating polymyalgia rheumaticca
    for relife
  14. protein restriction in kidney failure helps
    not clear
  15. varicoceles can lead to what-2 things
    testicular atrophy and infertility
  16. is varicocele common in young man
  17. choanal atresia
    cannot pass NG thru the nose to the pharynx
  18. cyanosis with feeding, improves with crying
    choanal atresia-CHARGE syndrome
  19. what is coloboma
    hole in the eye
  20. rx for pleural effusion in association with lung ca
    pleurodesis, poor prognois
  21. rx for moderate lead intoxication
    • DMSA succimer for modertate >45
    • severe >70 give EDTA dimercaprol
  22. how to follow for prostate ca recurrence
    psa levels
  23. best initial step is suspecting hip fracture
  24. slipped capital femoral epihyse
    obese male adolsescent
  25. leg calve paerthes dz
    4 to 10 yo
  26. best step initial at dx of PCP
    induced sputum
  27. when is galactomannan used
    diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis
  28. when to get xray of ankle after ijury
    • cant bear weight
    • pain and or tenderness at the malleoli
  29. best risk factor for pancreatic cancer
  30. best initial rx for prolactinoma even with vision problems
    still medical carbergikue and bromocriptine
  31. most common casue of hypercoagulable diorder
    factor V leidine-- activated protein C resistance
  32. how does sodium bicarb treat tca induced qrs prolongatio
    blocks sodium channels from TCA
  33. best intiial RX for weightloss
  34. rx for dilusional disroder
  35. diff between delusional disorder vs hypochondriasis
    hypochondriasis can acknoledge they may be wrong
  36. only form of bloody diarrhea without fever
    e.coli, ehec
  37. electrophoresis findings in thalassemia
    • hg A2 in beta thalasemia trai
    • Hbg F in beta thalasemia intermediate

    • Hgb H in Alpha thalasemia H
    • normal electrophoreiss in alpha thalasemia silent carrier and trait
  38. nephritis in renal transplant- inclusion bodies basophilic
    polyoma bk virus
  39. macrosomia delivery
    • if >5000g in non-dm -c.section
    • if >4500g in dm-c.section
  40. proximal weakness, obesity, mood symptoms
    check tsh
  41. when to give prophylaxis for migraines
    • 4 headaches/month
    • >12 hours
    • disability
  42. lichen planus
    purple, planar, pruritis, polygonal
  43. mcc of nephrotic synx
  44. fever, then rash
    • parvo-fifrth, erythema infectious
    • can occur in pregnancy at any time
  45. +screen for hemochromatosis
    get gene studies the liver biopsy
  46. meds causing pill esophagitis
    • tetracycline
    • nsaids
    • alendronate
    • potassium
  47. young woman with pharynx erythema, screen for
    anorexia nervosa
  48. rx for bullima
    CBT +/- SSRI
  49. braxston hihcks contractios
    false contraction
  50. rx for candida in pregnancy
  51. rx for trichomonas in pregnancy
    • metro
    • clinda
  52. metabolic alkalosis, next step, look at what in urine
  53. choice of SSRi in dementia and stroke
  54. oral abx against mrsa
    • bactrim
    • clinda
    • doxycylcine
  55. rx for carbuncle
  56. long term prognosis for temporal seizures
  57. side effect of interferon
  58. mcc of wegeners
    pulmnary hemorrhage
  59. PSC is associated with whta
  60. PSC has intra and extra hepatic dilatios
  61. dx of PSC
    ERCP or MRCP
  62. most specific findings for bacterial conjuncitivie
    thick discharge, re-appears after wiping
  63. why heating pads for oa
    to reduce muscle spasm
  64. ok to see ESR in OA
    yes bc it has mild inflammatory reaction
  65. incidental findings of compression fracture, next step
    oral bisphosphonates for osteoporosis
  66. side effects of atypical antipsychotics
    weight gain-metabolic syndrome
  67. pulmonary congestion assocaited with cyanoic heart disease
    hypoplastic left ventricle
  68. on immunomodulators, now with pneumonia and cavitation, cause
    no with meningoencephlitis

  69. when do you give rhogam
    if mother is rh negative and she has no Ab, if she has ab, do not give rhogam
  70. what must be done in first trimester for pregnanct woman
    • cbc
    • antibody and type
    • ua, urine culture
    • pap smear
    • hepatit B, 
    • rubella, rpr
    • HIV, chlamydia
  71. when do you screen for GBS
    35 weeks
  72. what closely co-relates with osa, obesity or neck circumference
    neck circum >17.5
  73. effect modificaiton vs confounding
  74. rx for umbilical hernia
    let it close on its own
  75. thrombocytopenia, fractures, hepatosplenomegaly, dx
  76. suspecting PCOS,next step
  77. criteria for CPOS
    • polycystic ovaries on U.S
    • oligomenorrhea
    • hyper androgen state
  78. who gets surgery for mR
    severe MR with symptoms or Afib
  79. best initial rx for sicca, refractory
    • eye drops
    • cyclosporine or steroids
  80. wbc count in joint
    • oa
    • ra or gout
    • septic
  81. indirect and direct hernia pass thru what and in what relatioship to inguinal ligament
    inguinal ring and above the ligament
  82. thayer martin mdia
  83. albuminocytoligic dissociation is seen where
  84. GBS involves peripheral or cNS
  85. functional adrneal adenoma causes what to the other adrenal gland
  86. dx of parkins
    • termor
    • bradykinesia
    • asymmetry
  87. atheroembolism after vascualr surgery has what findings
    high eosinophils and livedoreticulaori
  88. rx for hypovolemic hyponatremia
    fluids isotonic
  89. ALT AST pattern with gallbladder pancreatitis
    ALT>3x ULN
  90. starting Rx with allopurinol, must start
  91. best initial rx for patellofemoral sx
  92. highest risk factor for stroke
    prior stroke
  93. friedrich ataxia
    • dm
    • cardiomyopathy
    • neuro-ataxia
  94. 2 heart conditions assocaited with mvp
    • ehlers danlos
    • marfans
  95. rx for beefy genital lesions are ulcerate
  96. how long can post partum thyroidisit last
    • up to 1 year
    • treat symtoms
    • can be hypo, hyper or hyper then hypo
  97. can post partum thyroidism have anti-tpo
    yes and it needs to be followed after pregnancy
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