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  1. what electrolyte can cause HE
  2. bedtime bottle feedings in infants can lead to what
    tooth decay
  3. cough induced by expiration is
  4. new onset pre-ecclampsia, next step
  5. when do you give anti bp meds in pregnancy
    for Systolic>160, diastolic >110
  6. how to best screen for eoth abuse
    have you had more than 5 drinks on one occasion
  7. refractory to sodium bicarb in tca toxicity, next step
    give lidocian or magnesium
  8. rx for roseasea
    rx for ak
    • doxy
    • 5 fu
  9. <24, ascus or LSIL, next step
    • repeat pap for a total of 3 times
    • if >25, do HPV reflex
  10. hypoxemia early on, ddx?
    • anesthetic
    • airway edema
    • atelectasis occurs later
  11. weight loss with SSRI, next step
    continue and see if it improves
  12. when is the goal of 8 of hgb
    • unstable cad
    • malignancy
  13. bacteria in corneal cultures
  14. new diagnosis of NF, next step
    refer to optho for optic glioma
  15. surgery for bleeding, ulcer in the past, now with UGIB, next step
  16. SBO,next step
    manage conservatively
  17. first step in Root cause analysis
    gather data
  18. intensive gluocse control in diabetics decrease what
    microvascular complications like neuropathy and retinopathy
  19. how to test for Developmental dysplasia of the hip
    rx for it
    • barlow test
    • pavlik harness
  20. test to predict severity of pancreatitis
  21. tests in testicular cancer in the serum
    • AFP
    • beta hcg
  22. TSH level goal in papillary and follicular cancer
    low normal
  23. neurosyphilis is part of primary, secondary or tertiary syphilis
    secondary syphilis
  24. choice of drug for af with heart failure
    • amiodarone
    • doderone
  25. definitive test for sickle cell
  26. injuries with fall on outstretched hand
    • colles
    • scaphoid
    • ulnar fracture
  27. electrophoresis in alpha vs beta thalassemai
    normal in apha
  28. 1st line of hypovolemia
  29. breast mass with pain changes with menstruction
  30. risk factor for elder abuse
    physical and mental disability
  31. chlmaydia pneumonia has what cough
  32. physical and radiographic exam out of proportion to the presentaiton of baby with pneuonia, sounds like
  33. rx for focal pneumonia in a kid
    rx for bilateral pneumonia in a kid

  34. painless blood stools in a 2 year old
  35. rx for diaper rash
    zinc oxide
  36. high afp, next step
  37. mcc of unilateral blood discharge
    paipillary tumor
  38. diagnosis of renal vascular htn
    • mr angiography
    • u/s with duplex
  39. prgnant with CIN2

  40. can u date former patients
  41. what electrolyte can give seizures
    low ca
  42. mcc of TURP
    retrograde ejacuation
  43. cocaine induced CP, after rx, doesnt get better, next tep
  44. TBI can last how long
    6 months
  45. pregnant woman presents, kids needs live vaccines, give it
  46. how do infants get chlamydia trachomatis pneumonia
    via vaginal secretions
  47. what is complex regional pain syndrome
    edema, skin discoloration
  48. how to pack pressure ulcers best
    moist gauze
  49. rx for focal dystonia
    botulism toxin
  50. after stopping smoking, when does mortality risk decrease to normal
    5 years
  51. worst prognostic sign for pancoast tumor
    when it affects spinal cord
  52. monoacrticular arthritis in lyme region
    get lyme serology
  53. rx for lyme when kid <8
  54. what conditions are associated with CTS
    • obesity
    • DM
  55. cause of necrotizing fascitis
    strep a
  56. rx for pagets
  57. when to treat pagets
    with fractures
  58. high grade dysplasia on sigmoid,next step
    perform colonsocpy
  59. how is bronchiotlitis diagnoses
    on pe
  60. long term sequela of bronchiolitis
    wheezing, reactive airway diz
  61. low CO and high capillary pressure
    cardiogenic shock
  62. best progonostic sign for osteoporosis
  63. mild elevation of lead levels, next step
    repeat in 1 month
  64. hiv, not on haart, measure hiv leels how often
    every 3 months
  65. rx for hemangioma
  66. rx for allergic or nonallergic rhinitis
    spray steroids
  67. etoh or tobacco as better risk factor crc
  68. best way to reduce stress ulcers
  69. rx for akathisia
  70. battery in esophagus
    in the stomach
    • remove it
    • leave it
  71. tender tibial tuberostiy in adolsescent dx
    osgood shlatter
  72. knee pain with going up or down staris
    patellofemoral pain syndrome
  73. knee pain in jumpin
    paterllar tendonitis
  74. platelet therapy for mechanical heart valve
    INR goal for aortic valve
    • aortic 2-3
    • mitra 2.5-3.5(M for More)
  75. first uti, voiding cystourethrogram
    no obserive
  76. etyhelen glycol and other substance causing HAGMA casue what type of breathing
    deep and rapid breathing
  77. rx for methanol or ethylene glycol ingetsion
  78. rx for hidranetitis supporitiva
  79. rx for SCFE
    internal fixation
  80. best rx for enuresis
    bed alarm
  81. most important tool in blunt chest injury
  82. rx for patient with cyanoci heart disease
  83. achiles tendon rupture test
    no flexion on manual squeezing
  84. what is injured inknee to dashboard trauma
  85. acl has immediate effusion
    meniscal tear doesnt
  86. red, painfull loss of vision with leukocytes
  87. test done in muscluarl dystrophy
    high CK
  88. what is worse, duschene or beckers
  89. scombroids poisoning
    flushing, diarrhea
  90. rx for parkinson
    • <65 pramiprexole
    • >65 levodopa
  91. best contraception for sickle cell
    pregestin IUD
  92. Drug induced lupus hydralaine
  93. on lithium and mania and level sub
    increase lithium
  94. recurrent infection in an adult
    check IgG
  95. bicuspid aortic valve, next step
    screen relativelyes
  96. persistent epistaxis
    place vasocontstricot
  97. fracture after minor trauma, next step
  98. can have labor with HPV lesions
  99. asthma, bronchiectasis, recurrent infections, nexts tep
    rule out ABPA
  100. prior vaccination with rabies vaccine, bitten again, next step
    just give teh vaccine again
  101. Fleeting infiltrates in a person with asthma
  102. rx for bone mets in prostate cnacer
  103. what herbs cause bleeding
    • ginseng
    • ginki goloba
    • saw palmetto
  104. what herb causes liver failure
    kava kava
  105. what herb caues htn
    • licorice
    • ephedra
    • st johns wart
  106. trastuzumab effect is reversible?
  107. rx for otitis externa
    topical abx
  108. when do replace valve in MR
    • symptoms or LVEF<60
    • LVEF<55
  109. endometriosis can casue what
  110. osler rendu weber
    telengiectasia and vascular lesions in the CNS
  111. Ash leaf spots, organ hamartoma
    Tuberous Sclerosis
  112. one realitve has cancer what types that warrants early screening
    • bilateral
    • ovarian and breast
    • male cancer
    • ashkenazi jew
  113. preseptal vs septal celluitis
    septal need IV abx and surgery
  114. how to quantify amount of maternal hemorrhage
    kleihauer betke stain
  115. what predicts good response to antidepressants
    patient's or patient's family good response to antidepresseants
  116. rx for croup
  117. rx for cyanide toxicity
    sodium thiosulfate
  118. rubella and measles present the same except
    rubella has post-auricular lymph nodes
  119. side effect of diptheria antitoxin
  120. rx for methemoglobinemai
    cyanide toxicity
    • methylene blue
    • thiosulfate
    • oxygen
  121. in a skewed distribution, quickest way to find the mode
    look for hte peak
  122. how to test for HIV
    p24 and antibody screen
  123. what makes CLL worse prognoiss
    anemia, thrombocytopenia, hepatosplenomgaly
  124. what to use before diving for decongestion
  125. side effect with carbamezapine
    • neutropenia
    • SIADH
  126. mg oxide for constipation should be avoided in who
  127. rx for constipation in elderly
  128. rx for papular roseasea
  129. when is warfarin started in HIT
    when Plt >150k
  130. rx for cat scratch disease
    azithromycin if severe
  131. otitis effusion after treatment for Otitis Media, but no complaints
    nothing, you watch
  132. which cells are affected in otitis media
    mastoid cells
  133. torsion has positive cremasteric reflex?
  134. what pattern on EEG with Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy
    bilateral polyspike and slow discharge
  135. schizo with negative symptoms
    referral for social skills
  136. do you measure total t4 or free t4 in pregnancy
  137. most important way of reducing BP
  138. what is standardized incidence ratio
    observed / expected cases
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