Regulations 1

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  1. Physical therapist
    Person licensed to practice physical therapy in this state
  2. Physical therapy
    The eval and tx of anyone through physical measures, tests/measure, evaluation of function, use of therapeutic exercise and rehab procedures (w/ or w/o AD)for the purpose of preventing, correcting, or alleviating physical/mental disability
  3. Techniques physical therapy uses
    • Physical measures
    • Tests/measure
    • Evaluation of function
    • Use of therapeutic exercises and rehabilitation procedures (w/ or w/o AD)
  4. Other things physical therapy includes
    • Establishing and modifying physical therapy programs
    • Tx planning
    • Instruction
    • Wellness care
    • Peer review
    • Consultative services
    • Low-level light laser therapy to accelerate tissue repair, decrease edema or minimize/eliminate pain
  5. The term physical therapy does not include
    • Surgery
    • Prescribing drugs
    • Medical dx od disease, injury, illness
    • Use of cauterization or Roentgen rays/radium for diagnostic/therapeutic purposes
  6. Physical therapy assistant
    Person licensed to assist in the practice of physical therapy in the stat under the supervision of physical therapist
  7. If a site has a PTA what must the PT provide
    • 1. continuous availability of direct communication between the PTA and PT
    • 2. availability of a licensed PT on a regularly scheduled basis to review the practice of the PTA, support the PTA in performing PTA services, and predetermining a plan for emergency situations
  8. What is an emergency situation in a PT office
    Designated alternative licensed PT in the absence of the regular licensed PT
  9. What a PTA cant do
    • Interpret referrals
    • IE/ DC/ assessment
    • Determination or modification of tx or D/C plans
  10. What a PTA can do
    • Employ proper physical measures
    • Therapeutic exercise and rehab procedures
  11. Qualifications for examination for licensure
    • Graduate of a school of PT approved by the board of examiners for physical therapists, with the consent of the commissioner of public health
    • Pay $285
  12. Department of public health (with the consent of the board) determines
    • Subject matter
    • Written, oral, practical or combination
  13. Who determines the passing score?
    The department of public health with consent of the board
  14. T/F: A PT or PTA from a program accredited by the commission on accreditation in PT can take the PTA exam after paying $190
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