Spanish future

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  1. (My mom) is going to give a party for my birthday
    Va a dar una fiesta para mi cumpleanos
  2. Sun burn
    quemadura del sol
  3. There is no soap
    no hay jabon
  4. luck
  5. (You) are going to sign a song at the party
    Vas a cantar una cancion en la fiesta
  6. They are going to dance a lot
    Van a bailar mucho
  7. Fireworks
    los fuegos artificiales
  8. mask
    la mascara
  9. card
    la tarjeta
  10. New Years Eve
    la Nochevieja
  11. Easter
    la Pascua
  12. Independence day
    el Dia de Independencia
  13. candy
    los caramelos
  14. costume
    el disfraz
  15. Valentines Day
    el Dia de San Valentin
  16. The day of the three kings
    el Dia de los Tres Magos
  17. Last week of Lent
    la Semana Santa
  18. present (gift)
    el regalo
  19. parade
    el desfile

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Spanish future
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Spanish future tense

Spanish future tense conjugation and vocabulary
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