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  1. The thicker the object the __________ the amount of radiation it absorbs
  2. ABCS of radiograph eval
    • A: alignment
    • B: bone density
    • C: cartilage
    • S: Soft tissue
  3. Radiograph alignment
    Burst fx
  4. Radiograph bone density
    • OP
    • DISH
  5. Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hypertrophy
    • Painful, stiff neck
    • Horse voice
    • Male >50
    • Hyperostosis along anterior vertebrae
  6. Radiograph cartilage
    Loss of disc space
  7. Radiograph soft tissue
    • Lung cancer
    • Paravertebral fort tissue widening
    • Retropharyngeal soft tissue
  8. Can you see lung CA on radiograph
    Yes (chest x-ray)
  9. Paravertebral soft tissue widening
    • Common in whiplash
    • Horse voice
    • Lots of anterior swelling
  10. Retropharyngeal soft tissue
    Should be no more than 1/3 to ½ width of cervical vertebrae
  11. R posterior oblique: what is open and what is closed
    R closed, L open
  12. L anterior oblique: what is open and what is closed
    R closed, L open
  13. Pain on L, pain L rot, no pain R rot what radiograph view would you use
    • L anterior oblique
    • R posterior oblique
  14. What does it mean if radiograph says “right oblique”
    • The view is of the right foramina
    • L posterior oblique
    • R anterior oblique
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