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  1. TMAAT you had a conflict or disagreement with a captain.
    1) Shields in Yokota

    2) Forrest in ASE
  2. What do you do in your spare time?
    • -volunteer
    • -Reserve
    • -triathlon training
    • -spend time with old lady
  3. TMAAT you saw an unsafe practice and what you did about it.
    1) C-17 anti-ice procedures

    2) ghetto gates at den
  4. What are your windshear procedures?
    CRJ: max thrust. TOGA and pitch to command bars. No configuration changes until 1000 AFE

    C-17: max thrust. Flaps 1/2, pitch to 15 degrees none high. Nibble stick shaker below 200 AFE
  5. What do you do in your spare time?
    • -volunteer
    • -train for x/c
    • -train for tri
    • -reserve job
  6. Do you do any volunteer work?
    • -habitat for humanity
    • -American Red Cross (big for American)
    • -Colorado puppy rescue
    • -project angel heart
    • -bike depot
  7. Why American?
    • -proud to work
    • -treat customer right
    • -policy of inclusion
    • -volunteerism
    • -sad when I have to retire
  8. What is your most fun job and why?
    • Reserve
    • -challenging
    • -friends with co-workers
    • -travel/sightseeing
  9. Captain has to go following engine shutdown before airplane is completely shut down, what do you do? MX calls next day and the batteries are run down, do you take responsibility or is it Captain’s responsibility?
    • -is there a procedure for the FO to shutdown?
    • -no- tell him/her your are uncomfortable
    • -yes-shutdown the a/c
    • -joint responsibility
  10. TMAAT ATC tried to kill you? What did you do?
    • -bagram.
    • -non-tactical, called go-around. Turned us toward aerostat then toward a flight of a-10s which created an RA. Responded to RA. Once clear landed. Filed a HATR.
  11. TMAAT you went above and beyond for a pax.
    BZN. Arrived early and boarded early. Pax realized she left her phone in the rental car with 20 mins prior to door close. Wanted to go get it. Gate agent wanted her to take all of her belongings and said we would t hold the plane. Realizing we only had 20 mins, I volunteered to go get it because I could get through security faster. I had her call the company, went and got it and ended up closing the door early.
  12. TMAAT you had to give a co-worker some fatherly advice.
    1) millmann: reputation around the squadron for not knowing his stuff. Always tired when he shows. Bad attitude. Pulled him aside let him know about his attitude.

    2) Essner. Shows up tired, doesn't know her stuff. Reputation.
  13. TMAAT you had to apologize to a co-worker.
    1) thanksgiving day. Should have stepped in sooner.

  14. TMAAT you had difficulty building rapport with a co-worker or didn't get along with someone.
    Rex at Mesa. Various insults to begin the flight, starting a 4 day trip. Called me an abortion loving hippie. Kept stoic. Eventually changed the subject to flying. Let him do a little instruction. Steered conversation away from politics/religion.
  15. TMAAT you had to resolve a problem with the help of others.
    -overweight in Redding.
  16. TMAAT you had an unusual situation in the cockpit.
    Millmann and Adelmann. Adelmann started nipping at Millmann from switch one. I was a brand new A/C. Eventually Adelmann throw checklist and refuses to fly. Had to pull them aside to resolve the situation.
  17. TMAAT you saw someone break a policy or procedure.
    • 1) Shields in Yokota
    • 2) dropping the brake for united
  18. How would u describe yourself?
    Diligent, striving to be a better person/pilot. Always interested in learning and challenging myself. Looking to have a laugh and fun whenever possible.
  19. Three strengths and three weaknesses.
    • Strength:
    • 1) continuous self-improvement
    • 2) always want to know the answer, not the technique
    • 3) willing to get the job done

    • Weakness:
    • 1) always trying to do it by the book
    • 2)
    • 3)
  20. Why should we pick you?
    I am going to show up prepared to fly, looking the part. I am going to have positive interactions with customers and provide excellent customer service. I am going to have a positive attitude while dealing with co-workers and treat them exactly the way I expect to be treAted and try to squeeze in a laugh whenever possible. I am going to fly conservatively and with an emphasis on safety. Every time I show up to fly?
  21. What is one special quality you would bring if hired.
    • 1) even keel-able to get along with everybody, customers
    • 2) want to make anywhere I work the best
  22. How would you define excellent customer service?
    Doing whatever it takes so that the customer feels valued, so that they feel like their money was was well spent, and so they won't hesitate to choose my airline again.

    -fulfilling promises
  23. How would you define a good/great pilot/captain
    Someone who shows us prepared to fly, who flies conservatively and safely, who has excellent wingman consideration. Someone who realizes they they are the face of the company and who realizes that our success is based on our ability to do the right thing for customers.
  24. TMAAT you saw a co-worker struggling.
    Recently with Jorge. Kneeboard slowing him down. Suggested he ditch the kneeboard and hand fly. Confident about my abilities.
  25. TMAAT someone lost credibility in you.
  26. TMAAT you did less than you fair share and how u felt about it?
  27. TMAAT you had to operate under rule, guidance, or SOP that you didn't agree with.
    Dropping the brake for United.
  28. TMAAT you had to deal with change.
    1) new SOP with checkride
  29. TMAAT you offered to complete a task when you were not asked to do it.
    1) throwing bags, salting walkway

    2) constantly volunteering for additional jobs in the squadron
  30. TMAAT you changed your behavior/attitude/personality to work wit someone.
    -flying with negative captain always try to stay positive, make things go smoothly, change the subject
  31. TMAAT someone frustrated/angered you at work.
    1) not de-icing the ramp

    2) rampers bragging about losing bags
  32. TMAAT you went above and beyond with customer service
    1) cell phone in Bozeman

    2) mom and baby into flight deck

    3) Cheyenne divert
  33. TMAAT you broke a policy, SOP, procedure
    1) mom and baby in BOS
  34. TMAAT you learned something about yourself from talking with another person.
  35. TMAAT you failed to achieve and objective/goal.
    1) USMC OCS

  36. TMAAT you made a mistake or learned a lesson in the cockpit.
    -lesson learned: Forrest into ASE

    -mistake: max takeoff with shortcuts out of montrose
  37. What motivates you?
    Knowing that I did my best to treat customers and co-workers well, safely, in order to get home to spend time with my wife and friends.
  38. TMAAT when you had an idea or problem to solve and you had convince/persuade others to follow you.
  39. TMAAT you were distracted at work and how did it affect those you were working with.
    1) when frank was dying. Let co-workers know if the issue so they could keep an eye on me. Didn't affect them or my work.
  40. 38. TMAAT your best customer service day.
    1) cell phone in billings

    2) baby in Boston

    3) cheyenne
  41. TMAAT when you had to offer constructive criticism to a co-worker.
    1) Jorge-hand fly, offered him my legs.

    2) millman-not knowing his stuff
  42. TMAAT you had to offer fatherly advice
    1) millmann

    2) essner.
  43. TMAAT you had to make an unpopular decision.
    -standup showtime

  44. TMAAT you made a big mistake.
    Overweight out of montrose.
  45. TMAAT you had to break bad news to a colleague.
    -commuter with broken jet
  46. TMAAT you overheard a customer and co-worker having an argument.
  47. TMMAT you dealt with a disgruntled pax.
    • -business man de-icing
    • -thanksgiving bitch
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