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  1. Sailing: In irons
    Sailing: when a boat has stopped moving and is stuck pointing directly into the wind
  2. Sailing: jack stays
    Sailing: ropes, webbing or cables that run along the deck on either side of the cabin for the length of the boat, specifically for use with safety harnesses
  3. Sailing: jammer
    Sailing: a mechanical fitting with a lever arms that cleats a rope
  4. Sailing: jib
    Sailing: the most common headsail
  5. Sailing: jiffy reef
    Sailing: a quick method of reefing the mainsail - in slabs. Also called slab-reefing
  6. Sailing: jury-rigging
    Sailing: temporarily fixing broken equipment
  7. Sailing: kedge
    Sailing: to use an anchor to get a grounded boat back into deep water
  8. Sailing: keel
    Sailing: a fixed, ballasted centre fin that reduces leeway, or keeps the boat from sideslipping, and provides stability to prevent a capsize or tipping over
  9. Sailing: keelboat
    Sailing: a yacht with a keel
  10. Sailing: ketch
    Sailing: a yacht with 2 masts, the front one being taller. The mizzen (smaller) mast must be in front of the rudder post (the attachment point for the rudder)
  11. Sailing: knot
    Sailing: (1) nautical mile per hour, (2) rope trick, (3) measurement of speed over water
  12. Sailing: lateen
    Sailing: the top boom on a lateen rig
  13. Sailing: lateen rig
    Sailing: an old-fashioned triangular mainsail arrangement with 2 booms that pivot the mast. The 2 booms meet at the front corner of the sail
  14. Sailing: layline
    Sailing: the line beyond which you can lay (make) the destination on a close-hauled course with no more tacks
  15. Sailing: lee shore
    Sailing: a shoreline to leeward of a boat onto which the wind is blowing
  16. Sailing: leeboard
    Sailing: a retractible fin like a centreboard but attached to the side of the boat
  17. Sailing: leech
    Sailing: the back edge of a sail
  18. Sailing: leech-line
    Sailing: light line in the rear hem of a sail, used to tension the leech
  19. Sailing: lee-oh
    Sailing: a shout from the helmsman when putting the tiller down and going about so the bow passes through the eye of the wind
  20. Sailing: leeward
    Sailing: downwind, away from the wind
  21. Sailing: leeway
    Sailing: the sideway drift of a boat due to wind or current
  22. Sailing: lifeline
    Sailing: a wire supported by low poles called stanchions that encircle the deck to keep crew from falling overboard
  23. Sailing: lift
    Sailing: a wind shift that enables the boat to sail closer to the old wind direction
  24. Sailing: line
    Sailing: a rope used on a sailboat with a specified purpose
  25. Sailing: log
    Sailing: (1) a nautical record of a ship's voyage, (2) a device that measures distance and speed travelled
  26. Sailing: longitude
    Sailing: the vertical lines on a chart or globe designating the angular distance (0 to 180 degrees) east or west of the Greenwich meridian
  27. Sailing: loose-footed
    Sailing: a mainsail attached only at the clew and tack
  28. Sailing: LOP (line of position)
    Sailing: a line through some point on which you presume your boat to be located as a result of an observation or measurement
  29. Sailing: lubber line
    Sailing: fixed vertical post(s) on the front edge of the compass
  30. Sailing: luff
    Sailing: (1) the front edge of a sail from the head to the tack, (2) the flapping motion of sailcloth when a sail is under-trimmed (or not trimmed at all)
  31. Sailing: mainsail
    Sailing: the aft-most sail on a boat with one mast, normally attached to the mast along its front edge
  32. Sailing: mainsheet
    Sailing: the adjustment rope that pulls the boom (hence the mainsail) in and out
  33. Sailing: Marconi rig
    Sailing: the most common rig, where the mainsail is a triangle shape with one boom
  34. Sailing: marlin spike
    Sailing: a tapered tool used mainly for splicing ropes
  35. Sailing: mast
    Sailing: the vertical pole that supports the sails
  36. Sailing: mooring
    Sailing: a permanently anchored buoy to which a boat can be tied
  37. Sailing: nautical miles
    Sailing: 6,076", 1.15 longer than a statue mile, equal to 1 minute (1/60th of a degree) of latitude
  38. Sailing: neaps
    Sailing: the low range of tides that occur when the moon and sun are at right-angles
  39. Sailing: no-sail zone
    Sailing: zone where a yacht can't sail, about 90 degrees wide, with the centre point directly toward the true wind direction
  40. Sailing: off the wind
    Sailing: sailing on a broach reach or a run
  41. Sailing: outboard
    Sailing: (1) out of the side of the boat, (2) a removable engine
  42. Sailing: outhaul
    Sailing: the control line system used for adjusting the tension of the foot of the mainsail

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