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  1. Sailing: painter
    Sailing: a rope fixed to the bow of a dinghy
  2. Sailing: parallel rules
    Sailing: a navigation tool with two straight-edged plastic slats connected by 2 hinges, used to measure & draw course on a chart
  3. Sailing: PFD (personal floatation device)
    Sailing: a life-jacket or other buoyancy device
  4. Sailing: piloting
    Sailing: navigation involving frequent determination of position
  5. Sailing: pinch
    Sailing: steering slightly closer to the wind than a close-hauled course
  6. Sailing: pitch
    Sailing: the fore and aft movement of a vessel at sea
  7. Sailing: plane
    Sailing: to skim along the water's surface
  8. Sailing: port
    Sailing: (1) left side while facing forward, (2) a small, round window on a boat, also called a 'porthole', (3) a commercial harbour
  9. Sailing: port tack
    Sailing: sailing with the wind coming cover the left side of the boat
  10. Sailing: puff
    Sailing: an increase in wind velocity
  11. Sailing: purchase system
    Sailing: block & tackle system that gives a mechanical advantage
  12. Sailing: quadrant
    Sailing: bracket around the rudder post that connects to the steering wheel cables
  13. Sailing: quarter
    Sailing: the area from just aft of the beam to the stern
  14. Sailing: quick-step method
    Sailing: a man-overboard rescue technique in which you instantly stop the boat as close to the victim as possible
  15. Sailing: ratchet block
    Sailing: a block that turns freely when you pull the line but doesn't turn at all in the other direction
  16. Sailing: rake
    Sailing: to angle the mast forward or aft
  17. Sailing: reaching
    Sailing: any heading between close-hauled & running
  18. Sailing: reef points
    Sailing: several horizontal reinforced holes in a row built into the sail to facilitate reefing
  19. Sailing: reefing
    Sailing: reduced exposure area of a given sail
  20. Sailing: reeve
    Sailing: to pass a rope though a sheave or block
  21. Sailing: regatta
    Sailing: a series of races with the cumulative rave scores counting for the final result
  22. Sailing: relative bearing
    Sailing: a bearing measured in degrees relative to the boat's heading
  23. Sailing: rhumb line
    Sailing: the line plotted between 2 points on a chart
  24. Sailing: riding light
    Sailing: a white, all-round light displayed by a vessel at anchor
  25. Sailing: rig
    Sailing: (1) the mast and standing rigging. (2) a term for preparing the boat to use
  26. Sailing: righting moment
    Sailing: leverage provided by crew weight or ballast that inhibits heeling.
  27. Sailing: roller furling system
    Sailing: system of sail storage and reefing where the sail wraps up on a narrow spool, most commonly used for a headsail
  28. Sailing: rudder
    Sailing: the underwater fin that steers a boat, controlled by a rudder  or wheel on the deck
  29. Sailing: running
    Sailing: the course you're steering when the wind is behind you
  30. Sailing: running lights
    Sailing: a boat's navigation lights
  31. Sailing: running rigging
    Sailing: the ropes and pulleys used to raise, lower and adjust the sails
  32. Sailing: sailing directions
    Sailing: a book describing coastlines and hazards for a given area
  33. Sailing: sampson post
    Sailing: a heavy post at the bow for anchoring, mooring, towing and so on
  34. Sailing: schooner
    Sailing: an old-style keelboat with 2 or more masts. The front mast must be shorter than the main mast.
  35. Sailing: scull
    Sailing: rowing with just one oar from the stern
  36. Sailing: sea anchor
    Sailing: a drogue set to windward, used to slow the boat in heavy weather
  37. Sailing: sea room
    Sailing: room to manouevre
  38. Sailing: seizing
    Sailing: tying 2 ropes together with a light line
  39. Sailing: set & drift
    Sailing: the distance and direction a vessel is pushed off-course by the current or tidal stream
  40. Sailing: sextent
    Sailing: an instrument used to measure the altitude of stars or distance offshore
  41. Sailing: shackle
    Sailing: a metal fitting often used to attach a sail to a rope
  42. Sailing: sheave
    Sailing: the moving 'wheel' part of a block or a pulley
  43. Sailing: sheet
    Sailing: the primary line that adjusts the sail's trim, usually referred to with the sail that it adjusts
  44. Sailing: shoal
    Sailing: a shallow area
  45. Sailing: shock cord
    Sailing: elastic rope, bungee cord
  46. Sailing: shrouds
    Sailing: the support wires that run from the mast down to the edge of the deck on the left and right sides of the mast
  47. Sailing: slack water
    Sailing: the period of no water movement between the tides
  48. Sailing: slip
    Sailing: a dockside parking space for a boat
  49. Sailing: sloop
    Sailing: the most common type of yacht or keelboat, with only 1 mast
  50. Sailing: snap shackle
    Sailing: fast-opening fitting that attaches the corner of the spinnaker to a control rope
  51. Sailing: snatch block
    Sailing: a block on which one cheek (side) can be opened
  52. Sailing: spinnaker
    Sailing: a specialty sail for sailing down-wind
  53. Sailing: spreaders
    Sailing: arms reaching abeam from the mast to spread the rigging, also called cross-trees
  54. Sailing: spring lines
    Sailing: additional lines that are tied from the ends of the boat at opposing angles to dock lines to prevent the boat from surging forwards or backwards
  55. Sailing: springs
    Sailing: the high range of tides that result from the sun & the moon being in line
  56. Sailing: stanchion
    Sailing: upright post supporting the lifelines
  57. Sailing: standing rigging
    Sailing: all the wires that support the mast, including the forestay, shrouds & backstay
  58. Sailing: starboard
    Sailing: right side facing forwards
  59. Sailing: starboard tack
    Sailing: sailing with the wind coming over the boat's right side
  60. Sailing: staysail
    Sailing: a sail rigged between the mainsail and mizzen or the second or inside jib
  61. Sailing: step
    Sailing: the fitting on deck on which a mast is placed, also called the tabernacle
  62. Sailing: stern
    Sailing: the back end of the boat
  63. Sailing: stop-up
    Sailing: to place light bands around a spinnaker to 'break-out' when hoisted
  64. Sailing: swage
    Sailing: forming an eye in wire rigging
  65. Sailing: swamp
    Sailing: to fill with water
  66. Sailing: swivel block
    Sailing: a block that can be accessed from any angle
  67. Sailing: tack
    Sailing: (1) front, bottom corner of a sail, (2) the boat's heading in relation to the side of the boat that's closer to the wind, (3) to change tack by turning into the wind or by gybing.
  68. Sailing: tang
    Sailing: the metal fitting on spars to which rigging is attached
  69. Sailing: telltales
    Sailing: strands of yarn to help judge the wind angle and whether the sails are trimmed properly
  70. Sailing: thimble
    Sailing: a metal 'eye' placed in the spice of a rope
  71. Sailing: tiller
    Sailing: the lever that controls the position of the rudder
  72. Sailing: tiller extension
    Sailing: a device attached to the end of the tiller that enables a person to sit further outboard while steering
  73. Sailing: top mark
    Sailing: a shape identifying a buoy or beacon
  74. Sailing: topping lift
    Sailing: halyard-like control rope running from the mast, used to lift the outboard tip of the spinnaker pole or boom
  75. Sailing: topsides
    Sailing: the outer sides of the hull
  76. Sailing: transit
    Sailing: when any 2 objects are in line they are called in 'transit'
  77. Sailing: transom
    Sailing: the outer side of the stern
  78. Sailing: trapeze
    Sailing: a system of adding righting moment  by standing on the side of a boat wearing a harness and a hook
  79. Sailing: traveller
    Sailing: a sail-control system that can move the mainsheet attachment point on the boat from side to side
  80. Sailing: trim
    Sailing: (1) to pull in a rope or sail, (2) set the sails, (3) the bow-up or bow-down position of the boat when not moving
  81. Sailing: trough
    Sailing: low part of a wave
  82. Sailing: true wind
    Sailing: the actual wind that would be measured by a boat at anchor
  83. Sailing: turtle
    Sailing: a type of capsize where the boat turns all the way over with the mast sticking straight down
  84. Sailing: variation
    Sailing: the angular difference between true and magnetic north
  85. Sailing: waypoint
    Sailing: the latitude and longitude coordinates of a point along your course, usually where a change of course will be made
  86. Sailing: whitecap
    Sailing: foamy crest on the top of waves
  87. Sailing: winch
    Sailing: a revolving geared drum turned by a handle that provides mechanical advantage and increases the sailor's ability to pull on a rope under load
  88. Sailing: windward
    Sailing: towards the wind, the side that the wind blows upon
  89. Sailing: wing the job
    Sailing: the goosewing set. When sailing on a run, to trim the jib on the opposite side of the mainsail
  90. Sailing: wishbone boom
    Sailing: a 2-piece boom shaped like a wishbone
  91. Sailing: yawl
    Sailing: an old-style keelboat with 2 masts. The mizzen (smaller) mast is behind the rudder post

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