CH 26 Narcotics

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  1. Where do narcotics act?
    opium receptor cites in the CNS
  2. What is the prototype of narcotics?
  3. What are contraindications of morphine (narcotics)?
    • after biliary surgery or anastomoses 
    • diarrhea by poisons
  4. What are some cautions with narcotics?
    • GI/GU surgery 
    • acute abdomen or ulcerative colitis
  5. What are drug interactions with narcotics
    MAOIS, barbiturates, phenothiazines
  6. What narcotic us used for cough/resp irritation?
  7. What is the narcotic used transdermally?
  8. What other med is used for cough?
  9. What narcotic is used for detoxing
  10. What narcotics are used for obstetrics?
    meperidine (Demerol), oxymorphone
  11. What is the narcotic antagonist prototype?
    • Naloxone (Narcan) 
    • reverses overdose
  12. What is the action of narcotic antagonists?
    binds to opium receptors but does not activate the receptors
  13. What is a side effect of Narcan?
    NAS (n/v, sweating, tachy, hypotension)
  14. What are adverse rxns to NA?
    tachycardia, HTN or hypo, dysrrhythmias, pulmonary edema (if pushed too quickly)
  15. What are drug interaction with NA?
    more narcan needed for Nubain, Talwin, Stadol
  16. What are the narcotic antagonists?
    Naloxone, Nalmefene, Naltrexone
  17. What is the prototype for migraines?
  18. What is the action of ergot meds?
    • Block alpha-adrenergic/serotonin sites=
    • constrict and decrease pulsation of cranial nerves
  19. How is ergotism syndrome caused?
    By drug dependency and withdrawal from them
  20. What is the drug interaction with ergot meds?
    • Beta blockers
    • can cause gangrene and peripheral ischemia
  21. What is the prototype for triptans?
  22. What is the action of triptans?
    binds to SSR sites and causes vasoconstriction of cranial vessels
  23. What is important to note about triptan indications?
    • Does NOT prevent migraines 
    • Has less vascular and GI effects
  24. What are drug interactions with triptans?
    ergot meds, MAOIS
  25. What is the only triptans used for cluster headaches?
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