Management Concepts Wk 1-3

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  1. Three classical approached to management?
    • 1. Scientific Mangement
    • 2.Administrative Principles
    • 3. Bureaucratic Organisation
  2. Emphasises careful selection and training of workers, and supervisory support
    Scientific Management
  3. science of reducing the task to its basic physical motions
    Motion Study
  4. Makes results based compensation performance incentives
    carefully select workers with abilities to do this job
    train workers to perform jobs to best of their abilities
    train supervisors to support workers
    Practical lessons from scientific management
  5. Foresight, Organisation Command and Coordinate and Control are:
    Administrative Principles
  6. clear and unbroken line of communication from the top to the bottom of the organisation
    Scalar chain principle
  7. each person receives orders from only one boss
    Unity of command principle
  8. Clear hierarchy of authority, formal rules and procedures, impersonality, careers based on merit.
  9. maintain that people are social and self-actualising
    Behavioural approach to management
  10. people's feelings attributes and relationships with co-workers should be important to management
    Hawthorne Effect
  11. Physiological, safety social, esteem, self-actualisation
    Maslow's theory of human needs
  12. People act to satisfy 'deprived' needs, those for which a satisfaction 'deficient' exists
    Deficit Principle
  13. A need that at any one level only becomes activated once the next lower level need has been satisfied
    Progression principle
  14. Assumes people dislike work, lack ambition, are irresponsible and prefer to be led
    Theory X
  15. Assumes people are willing to work and accept responsibility, and are self-directed and creative
    Theory Y
  16. Managers should give more attention to the social/self-actualising need of people at work
    Mc Gregor's theory x and theory y
  17. Managers create self-fulfilling prophecies- through behaviour, they create situations where subordinates act in ways that confirm the original expectations
  18. Assumption that mathematical techniques can be used to improve managerial decisions and problem solving
    Quantitative approaches to management
  19. Describes the application of mathematical techniques to analyse and solve management problems
    Management Science
  20. Helps make future projections that are useful in the planning process
    Mathermatical Forecasting
  21. Helps control inventories by mathematically establishing how much to order and when
    Inventory Modelling
  22. Used to calculate how to allocate scarce resources among competing uses
    Linear Programming
  23. Helps allocate service or work stations to minimise waiting time and service cost
    Queuing theory
  24. Break large tasks into smaller componenets to allow for better analysis, planning and control of complex projects
    Network Models
  25. Makes models of problems so different solutions under various assumptions can be tested
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