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  1. The Lead Agency - Local (typically the local Planning Department)
    • The Lead Agency is responsible for interacting with and receiving comments/feedback from the Responsible Agencies or Commenting Agencies. 
    • A Responsible Agency could be the Air Quality Management District or the Department of Fish and Game
  2. The Lead Agency - State Level
    • For State level review, the State Clearinghouse coordinates the state-level review of environmental documents that are prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act
    • The State Clearinghouse is a division of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research
  3. The Permit Streamlining Act
    • The permit streamlining act requires public agencies to follow standardized time limits and procedures for specified types of land use decisions.
    • Upon receipt of a project application containing a statement identifying the application as being for a development permit, an agency has 30 calendar days to notify the applicant, in writing, of whether or not the project application is complete enough for processing.
  4. How to deal with conflicting agencies or codes
    • Meet with local/regional/state officials
    • Schedule meetings before an during schematic design phase to determine which codes and standards apply to lessen the chance of future conflicts
    • Meet with officials again during each of the Design Phases to address any questions or issues in order to lessen the ongoing chance of conflicts
  5. How to resolve conflicts between codes
    The CBC section 101.7.3 states that when requirements of this code conflict with the requirements of any other part of the CBSC, title 24, the most restrictive requirements shall prevail.
  6. If the issue is not about one being more restrictive than the other, schedule meeting with two or more agencies that are responsible for enforcing the code and request that they issue you a written direction on which one to follow.
    Bring owner to meetings
  7. how to resolve conflicts between agencies
    • schedule meeting with the 2 or more agencies that responsible for enforcing the area of conflict and request they issue you written direction on which one to follow. 
    • bring owner to meetings
  8. Federal Agencies
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Federal Aviation Administration
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • US Fish and Wildlife
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • US Coast Guard
  9. State Agencies
    • California Coastal Commission
    • State Water Resources Control Board
    • California Department of Fish and Game
    • California Department of Environmental Protection
    • Air Resources Board
    • California Department of Transportation
    • Division of the State Architect
    • Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development 
    • Governor's Office of Planning and Research
  10. Regional Agencies
    • Air Quality Management District
    • County Flood Control District
    • Environmental Health Department
    • Regional Water Quality Control Board
    • Airport Authorities
  11. Local Agencies
    • Planning Department
    • Building & Safety Department
    • Transportation Department
    • Department of Public Works
    • Fire Department
    • Police Department
  12. Environmental Protection Agency Acts
    • Clean Air Act
    • Clean Water Act
    • Toxic Substances Control Act
    • Endangered Species Act
    • National Environmental Policy Act
    • SuperFund
  13. Federal Aviation Administration
    Airport Design Engineering Standards
  14. US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act
    • Section 404 of the Clean water act
  15. US Fish and Wildlife
    Endangered Species Act
  16. Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Reduce damage from hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, hazardous spill, terrorism
  17. US Coast Guard
    • Living Marine Resources
    • Marine Environmental Protection Program
  18. California Coastal Commission
    • California Coastal Act
    • Federal Coastal Zone Management Act
    • Bay Conservation and Development Commission is regulatory authority for the San Francisco Bay Area
  19. State Water Resources Control Board
    • California Water Code
    • 9 Regional Water quality control boards
  20. California Department of Fish and game
    • California Endangered Species Act
    • California Environmental Quality Act
    • Lake and Streamed Alteration
    • Marine Life Protection Act
  21. California Department of Environmental Protection
    • Clean water act via State State Water Resources Control Board
    • Clean Air Act via Air resources board
  22. Air Resources Board
    • California Clean Air Act
    • Federal Clean Air Act
  23. California Department of Transportation
    • highways, freeways, inter-city rail service
    • Encroachment Permit
  24. Division of State Architect
    • Essential Services Buildings Seismic Safety Act
    • Field Act
    • Access Compliance for Public Schools State-Funded projects
  25. Office of Statewide health planning and development
    Hospita Facilities Seismic Safety Act
  26. Governors Office of Planning and Research
    General Plan Guidelines
  27. Air Quality Management District
    • Regional Agency Located throughout California to Regulate and control emissions from Stationary Sources.
    • Federal Clean Air Act
    • California Clean Air Act
  28. County Floor Control District
    Regional agency that protects people, property and watersheds from flood and storm waters
  29. Environmental Health Department
    County Department of Public Health is a regional agency that protects health, prevents disease, and promotes health and well being for all persons in the respective county
  30. Regional Water Quality Control Board
    • Regional Agency that is governed by the State Water Resources Control Board
    • Concerned with water quality, water rights, enforcement, and financial assistance
  31. Airport Authorities
    • Regional or local agency
    • Commercial or General Aviation
  32. Planning Department
    • Use
    • Setbacks
    • Lot Coverage
    • Open Space requirements
    • building height
    • parking requirements
    • local ordinances
  33. Building and Safety Department
    fire and life safety
  34. Transportation Department
    • Traffic flow, increase in intensity
    • location of curb cuts
    • types of traffic signals
  35. Department of public works
    • Bureau of Engineering
    • Department of Sanitation
    • Street Lighting 
    • Street Services
  36. Fire Department
    • Fire suppression systems
    • Egress
    • Fire Lanes and emergency access
    • location of fire hydrants and setbacks
  37. police department
    • communication system
    • site lighting
    • security of entrances and exits 
    • emergency response plan
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