Chapter 3 Earth Science

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  1. What is a map?
    A map is a simplified image that is a model of part of the earths surface.
  2. What is a cartographer?
    A cartographer is a person who maps parts of the earth.
  3. What is a cardinal direction?
    A cardinal direction is north, east, south, and west.
  4. What is the equator?
    It is the line circling around the center of the earth.
  5. What is longitude?
    Longitude means long ways which means the measurement of the earth going across.
  6. What is latitude?
    Latitude is the measurement of the earth that is going up and down.
  7. What does gps stand for?
    Global Positioning System.
  8. What does a gps do?
    It pinpoints your position on a map and navigates you to your destination.
  9. what is an equatorial projection?
    it is a point of contact facing the equator 3-22
  10. what is an polar projection?
  11. it is a point of view facing towards either of the poles 3-22
  12. what is an oblique projection?
    it is a projection of the earth in a slanted position 3-22
  13. what is an gnomonic contact?
    it is a flat surface of the earth usually one of the poles. 3-23
  14. what is a conic projection?
    it is the slant of the earth or the sphere that has the shape of a cone. 3-25
  15. what is a cylindrical projection?
    it is a projection strait across the earth usually wrapping around the equator
  16. what is the robinson world map?
    it is a semi round flat map f the earth, and is usually used in classrooms.
  17. what is an political map?
    it shows the names boundaries and shapes of countries cities and towns
  18. what is a geographical map?
    it focuses on names symbols and locations of man made and natural physical features.
  19. what is a topographical map?
    it displays elevation and land form information usually indicated by special by special symbols called contour lines or by land form shading.
  20. What is a thematic map?
    a thematic map shows the abundance of things, objects, and places in a specific area.
  21. What does GIS stand for?
    geographic information system
  22. what are 3 things that the gis can help with
    make computerized geographic data, programs, and data storage systems
  23. what is surveying?
    it is mapping out different places
  24. what is remote sensing?
    it is mapping out huge areas of the earth
  25. what is acoustic sensing
    is is mapping out the ocean floor
  26. how does acoustic sensing help us
    it helps us map out the ocean floor
  27. how did people map out the ocean floor in WWI
    the used sonar
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