that's english modulo 6 unit 7 B

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  1. actividades
    • swimming
    •  sensory trails
    • archery

    • giant swing
    • computer games
    • horse riding

    • climbing
    • skating
    •  drama

    • canoeing
    • tennis
    •  arts & crafts
  2. pasar la noche en
    dormir en
    to stay overnight at a holiday camp
  3. abierto( en marcha) todo el año
    Are holiday camps run throughout the year or just in summer?
  4. aparte de los críos quien mas se beneficia de los campos de verano
    • Apart from children, who else benefits from
    • holiday camps?
  5. una cadena de asequibles resorts de vacaciones
    • a chain of affordable holiday resorts
    • /tʃeɪn/
  6. instalaciones, servicios
  7. owners have spent over £100,000 on modernising their installations and facilities.
  8. pasar vacaciones en el extranjero
    • As a result, Butlin’s resorts have been enjoying a revival as more and more British families are
    • deciding not to take their holidays abroad.

    como resultado Butlin's resorts han estado disfrutando de un resurgir a medida que las familias Inglesas deciden no salir de vacaciones al extranjero
  9. al ser cada vez mas
    al haber mas y mas
    a medida que cada vez mas
    as more and more

    • as more and more British families are deciding not to take their holidays abroad.
    • al ser cada vez mas la familias que deciden np pasar sus vacaciones en el extranjero
  10. recuperacion
    rivival /rɪˈvaɪvəl/
  11. con edades que van de.............a
    It’s not easy. We have four children aged from five to sixteen,
  12. gastar en
    Every year we spend a fortune on exotic islands
  13. vacaciones (cortas, de escapada o puente)
    we now know that we can book an amazing and affordable holiday getaway for the family.
  14. manuealidades
    there was something for everyone. The younger kids really liked the  arts and crafts activities.

    • My children enjoy making masks and drawings
    • in their arts and crafts class.

  15. tiempo verbal para aceptar hacer algo
    Se usa will + verb para aceptar hacer algo.

    • OK, I’ll help you with your bag.
    • ‘Please, first check your emails.’ ‘OK, I’ll start with that straightaway.’

    - Se usa won’t o will never + verb para negarse a hacer algo.

    • I won’t go there again! No way!
    • You’re horrible! I’ll never play with you again
    • Don’t get up, I'll see who’s there.’

    The food here is terrible! I won't come again!

     No, I won't play musical chairs! I hate it!

     OK, I'll help you with your homework.

    Has anyone got a ball?’ok. i'll find one!
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