Jean Inman - Domain III

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  1. Functions of management
    • plan
    • organize
    • direct
    • control and evaluate
  2. The basic function of management
  3. Predetermined; towards which management directs its efforts

    Serve as motivators, provide direction
  4. guides that define scope of permissible activity
  5. daily operations
  6. covers period of 1 year or less; usually the operating budget; projected in days, weeks, months
    short range or operational planning
  7. up to a 5 year cycle, focus on goals and objectives
    long range planning
  8. requires a mission statement of long range vision
    long range planning
  9. concentrates on decisions, not plans

    sets direction for organization
    strategic planning
  10. SWOT analysis acronym
    What type of planning is it used for?
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
    • Strategic planning
  11. Amount of water needed for disaster planning?
    1 gallon of water/person/day for minimum of 3 days
  12. Organizational chart:
    • shows how the employees fits into the organization
    • shows relationship of positions and functions
    • depicts lines of authority shown with solid lines
    • advisory (staff) positions shown with dotted lines
    • NOT SHOWN: degree of authority at each level, informal relationships
  13. shows command relationship from top to lowest level
    -begins with one person and extends downward
    chain of command
  14. advise and support the line, but not involved in day to day operations
    (Personnel Director, Consultant Dietitian in a Nursing Home)
    Staff - advisory; specialists
  15. -Serves as both line and staff
    -Has limited authority over a segment of activity because of specialized knowledge, units are defined by the nature of the work
    (The responsibility of purchasing may be given to a head purchasing agent who oversees that function in all departments)
    Functional organizational structure
  16. number of individuals or departments under the direction of one individual
    span of control
  17. type of span of control where more levels are created; need more managers; needed with newly hired personnel
    narrow span of control
  18. type of span of control where fewer levels and fewer managers are needed; used with highly trained, highly motivated workers
    wide span of control
  19. concentric model of organization (circular):
    • improves representation of dynamics of personnel relationships because functions are centered around individuals, not above and below them
    • eliminates above and below concepts
    • presents an organization without loose ends
  20. acute care conventional staffing patterns:
    • 17 minutes per meal
    • or 3.5 meals per labor hour
  21. extended care facilities staffing patterns:
    5 meals/labor hour
  22. cafeteria staffing patterns:
    5.5 meals/labor hour
  23. school food service staffing patterns:
    13-15 meals/labor hours
  24. When determining meals served, consider _____.
    meal equivalents (snacks)
  25. a measure of productivity defined as the amount of all food sales divided by the average cast of a typical (prototype) meal.
    Meal equivalent
  26. minimum number of employees needed to staff the facility; counts productive hours (hours actually worked)
    absolute FTE
  27. minimum number of employees needed to staff the facility while it takes into account the benefit days and days off
    adjusted FTE
  28. FTE/year
    labor hours worked that year/2080
  29. Relief workers: Approximately ____ employees are necessary for everyday coverage of full-time positions
    • 1.55
    • to determine the actual number of relief workers needed,┬ámultiply the number of full-time positions by 0.55
    • add full-time positions and relief workers together to determine # of employees
  30. Relief workers can cover the "days off" of ____ full-time workers each week
  31. Purpose of work simplification procedures
    to eliminate unnecessary parts of job and those that add no value
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