RN: Unit 1 Vocabulary

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  1. outpatient care center
    ambulatory care center
  2. the threat of bodily harm
  3. RN that is at the associate degree level - technical skills are used more here. 2 year degree
  4. unlawful touching of a person with out their consent
  5. RN that holds a Masters degree specialty and has advanced clinical experience
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
  6. nursing care that is directed toward a specific group or population within a community. (school nurses)
    community based nursing
  7. formal explanation that links concepts and emphasizes relationships among them
    conceptual framework
  8. violation of the law punishable by the state
  9. the act of damaging the good reputation/character of a person
    defamation of character
  10. widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time (HIV/AIDS, Ebola)
  11. professional standards of behavior related to right or wrong
  12. the restraint of a person against there will without having legal authority or justification to do so
    false imprisonment
  13. wrongful/criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain
  14. state of well being or the interactive process between a person and the internal/external enviornment
  15. the organization of people, institutions, and resources that deliver healthcare services
    health care delivery system
  16. Health Maintenance Organization provides health coverage with providers being under a contract
  17. family focused health care service for terminally ill pts - focus on palliative care for the dying individual
  18. legal document giving permission for a procedure signed by a patient after being explained
    informed consent
  19. unlawful intrusion of an individuals private affairs, disclosed private info, publicized in false light appropriated for personal gain
    invasion of privacy
  20. responsible for ones actions or obligation on is bound to perform
  21. false communication by print that results in the injury of a persons reputation - written defamation of character
  22. the granting or regulation of licenses
  23. the continuum of medical and social services designed to support the needs of ppl living with chronic health issues that affect their ability to perform everyday activities
    Long term Care
  24. professional misconduct causing harm to a patient from lack of experience, skill or judgement
  25. model of care delivery (admission to D/C) which is planned and monitored so that standards are followed and cost are lowered
    managed care
  26. federally funded low income health care coverage
  27. federally funded health care coverage for the elderly 65 +, disabilities, ESRD
  28. failure to do something that a reasonable or prudent person would do. or doing something that a reasonable or prudent person wouldn't do.
  29. nurse with advance education and certification in the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth
    Nurse Midwife
  30. in each state are laws that define responsibilities of the nurseand “scope of practice” – the range of activities and services as well as the qualifications for practice. The acts are intended to protect patients from harm as a result of unsafe or incompetent practice, or unqualified nurses.
    Nurse Practice Act
  31. nurse with advanced knowledge, education and certification who may practice independently in various settings - may also prescribe medications ( in some states)
    Nurse Practitioner
  32. the profession that involves diagnosis and the treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems
  33. Human/recipient of care
  34. a licensed professional that works under the supervision of RN, physicians, usually has a certificate in PN. They also are able to oversee CNA activities and went to school at a technical school for 1 full yeart
  35. spoken defamation of character - false communication that is spoken that causes harm or injury to a persons reputation
  36. the process in which a person is familiarized with the ways of specific culture or group
  37. the wrong committed against a person or property subject to action in civil court
  38. mother of nursing
    F. Nightingale
  39. America's first trained nurse
    Linda Richards
  40. wrote the first nursing textbook
    Lavinia Dock
  41. was not a nurse but developed the Nurse Corps of the Army
    Dorthea Dix
  42. 1st african american nurse
    Elizabeth Mahoney
  43. Red Cross and Civil War
    Clara Barton
  44. Public Health nursing and Henry Street Settlement
    Lillian Wald
  45. she advocated for 2 year nursing programs (ADN) so that nurses can be trained quickly during the nursing shortage during the 40s WW2 era
    Mildred Montag
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