Chp 16 Permanent anterior teeth

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  1. All anterior teeth are composed of how many lobes
  2. For the anteriors the height of contour for the crown's facial and lingual surface is in the
    cervical third
  3. succedaneous
    ˜which means that each one replaces the primary teeth of the same type.
  4. cingulum
    a raised, rounded area on the cervical third of the lingual surface
  5. Rounded raised borders mesially and distally on the lingual of the anterior teeth
    marginal ridge
  6. Shallow wide depression on the lingual of anterior teeth
  7. Some anterior teeth may have a ______ in the deepest part of the fossa
    developmental pit
  8. Developmental groove
    Sharp, deep V-shaped linear depression that marks the junction among the developmental lobes
  9. Supplemental groove
    shallow irregular linear depression on the lingual surface of the anterior teeth
  10. The permanent maxillary central incisors erupt
    Between 7 and 8 with root completion at age 10
  11. The mesial contact of the maxillary central with the other is in the
    incisal third
  12. The CEJ curvature on the maxillary central has the greatest depth of curvature on what surface
  13. Avulsion
    Complete displacement of tooth from the tooth socket
  14. diastema
    open contact in between teeth
  15. What is a Mesiodens/ a common location
    extra tooth germ forming a supernumerary tooth
  16. Permanent maxillary lateral incisors erupt between
    8 and 9 years of age, with root completion at age 11.
  17. The crown of the ______ has the greatest degree of variation ˜in form of any permanent tooth, except for the third molars.
    maxillary lateral incisor
  18. The root of a maxillary lateral may
    ˜curve slightly to the distal
  19. The maxillary lateral crown is ______ than the length of the root
    1 to 1½ times shorter
  20. Smaller lateral incisor crown
    peg lateral
  21. One of the most common teeth of the permanent dentition to exhibit partial microdontia
    maxillary lateral incisor
  22. When does the permanent mandibular centrals erupt
    They erupt between 6 and 7 years of age with root completion at age 9
  23. The mandibular central incisors are _____ than the mandibular lateral incisors
  24. The permanent mandibular lateral incisors erupt
    between 7 and 8 years of age with root completion at age 10
  25. The root of the permanent maxillary lateral incisor is _____ and ______ than that of the central
    slightly longer and wider
  26. Describe the angles of the mandibular lateral
    The MI angle of the incisal edge is sharper than the DI angle
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